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They thought I got Corona virus!

Wednesday morning. Very early, 5am, I prepared to go out with my family. We will board a ferry to cross a Norwegian fjord and take a bus to our destination.

On the ferry, I visit the restroom carrying a book I’ve borrowed from the library.

It’s one of the time I used to catch up with reading. It wasn’t until we were more than 700meter away from the ferry when I remembered forgetting it! I’ll pay a lot if I don’t return the book, so I ran without a stop to the ferry. I ran up the staircase to the third deck, find the book and down the stairs again and rushed out before the ferry take me back to where we came from and risk losing the bus.

I was dying by the time I joined my husband and son in the bus stop. Despite the snow on the ground, I was sweaty and had to take off my thick jacket to cool down. My nose was runny from inhaling too much cold air and for the same reason I was coughing from chest pain and I was thirsty. I drank water a lot, cough a lot and blew my nose. Overall, I look like shit and because of this we had the whole shed for ourselves because everyone who was waiting for the bus stood at least a mile away from me.

I got corona virus! That’s what everyone thought when in fact I was suffering from exercised-induced asthma. But I’m not complaining, I got to cough and spit to my heart content. 😂

Chill guys. I know it’s horrible to get this virus and we have to be cautious, but please don’t forget to live life.

Have a Fun Friday!


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