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On his quest for revenge, Efrain meets Kiyumi Takashi, a charming young Japanese woman and a daughter of a Japanese diplomat. He tries to push her away, because she belongs in the light, far from the dark world he lives in. Kiyumi, however, is persistent and soon breaks down his walls.

With Kiyumi at his side, Efrain thinks that he can finally put his past behind him. That is until he finds out the truth about her. Can he still love her or will he continue to walk the path of revenge?

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Featured Short Stories

wolf mountain

Wolf Mountain

My jaw dropped at the sight of dozen white and grey wolves bowing down. Then they raise their heads with vigorous howl. I felt goosebumps. But the one that sent shivers down my spine was the majestic giant black wolf on a higher point. His black fur shimmered under the moonlight contrasted against the pure white snow. He looked proud…

Beneath the spring flower

Beneath the Spring Flowers

Springtime is when flowers bloom. And every year I will be one of the people who eagerly wait for trees to blossom, but unlike everyone, I’m not waiting for warm weather.I’m waiting to see her. She that only appears with the delicate array of papery pink blossoms of the trees. Today she stood in the arch…

truth is a lie

Truth is a lie (#1)

Un Jin-Hwan gazed at the giant trees in front of him and frown at the unexplainable feeling which spread in his chest. He lost his memories and only pieces remain. And from those pieces, he knows that he was no longer…

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Why Am I so unlucky?

The first time I ever bought a modern cellphone was back in 2014 (you know, the one you regularly see ever since touch screens arrive? Yeah, that.) I know it was normal already to have touch screens that year but for me having a smartphone in my hand was amazing! I took pictures, go to the internet…

ChAtTing with myself

This is a private chat that I never dared share before between me and myself. Come on, click the read more button before going... I think you'll enjoy it. hahaha 😀 ...

Depression (poem)

Whenever a person feels the worse
They always feel better after talking to friends or family
Fresh air usually elevate the anxiety
A loved one’s smile elevates the pain inside
But what if it can’t?
What if nothing works
What if...

Featured Books

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Twilight ventures into enemy territory to find the boy she helped five years ago and discovers the mystifying truth behind his disappearance...

He’s the last thing she ever wanted, but she’s the only one who makes his life exciting.

Liberty went to France with a dream of finding her prince charming, to bad it includes an evil step-brother.

About Jessica

Jessica is a romance author writing in different sub-genres. She writes in both English and Filipino(Taglish) language.

She’s a hopeless romantic, who will forever be young at heart. She enjoys traveling and hours arguing with her characters, and sometimes, she also takes pleasure in playing the villain and give them a taste of hell when they refused to listen to her outrageous demands.

Jessica currently lives in Spain near the Mediterranean coast with her loving husband and adorable son.

She mostly post poems and short stories but also include movies, music and couple of other things like travel experience…

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