Ha! Take that.

In my drowsy state
inspiration always visit
Come back tomorrow
I muttered and sleep

I woke up the next day
I sit down to write
and damn, 
I don’t remember a thing

Mister Inspiration has temper
and decided to go away.
So this is for you Mister.

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22 thoughts on “Ha! Take that.

  1. That frustrating feeling, when you awaken at 3:00 am and have the next verse so clearly in your head. At one time I was mad enough to keep a notepad and pencil by the bedside, until I discovered I just kept awakening more frequently.

    1. They keep knocking because you entertained. 😁 Yeah, totally relate. Thanks for reading ❤

        1. SO true! He can shake hands with my husband.
          My husband sometimes won’t go to sleep until I demand that he leave alone to write. He will go after mumbling a lot about my health and my sleeping time and all that… yeah it sounds more like I’m bragging right now than complaining but I’m actually doing the both. Hahaha 😂

          1. ^_^ Well no matter how we “complain” them at the end of it, it’s a nice feeling that they care enough to pester us 😀

    1. haha Thanks. Yes, I’m taking it calm and slow so when he returns I can calmly chain him down! 😈

  2. Lovely written Jess!! ☺☺☺

    ” I woke up the next day
    I sit down to write
    and damn,
    I don’t remember a thing ”

    I see myself. 😀


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