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Goodbye my friends…👋

No joke. I will still blog but I’m taking a quick break. But here’s a question. You blog because…?

Me? I need it. Although you might not always find me in my blog because I get caught up on the latest “it thing” (insert: Tiktok @ jessicaelarsen) but I will always return to blogging.

Since I’m a bit feed up with them, I’ll be naming my relationship with these platforms, it go something like this:

Facebook: First EX 😒

Twitter: my lover while dating Facebook, now also an EX 😕

YouTube: A good friend I hang out with. 😃

Instagram: On and off lover. 😍

TikTok: Newest fling. 😘 

Blogging: My first love, my one and only true love. The one I’ll always return to. 💘

I’ll be back at 28. I just need a rest from everything for now and reset my energy.

And so here my Purr-ty Claw-ver wave to you! 😹


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