Goodbye my friends…👋

No joke. I will still blog but I’m taking a quick break. But here’s a question. You blog because…?

Me? I need it. Although you might not always find me in my blog because I get caught up on the latest “it thing” (insert: Tiktok @ jessicaelarsen) but I will always return to blogging.

Since I’m a bit feed up with them, I’ll be naming my relationship with these platforms, it go something like this:

Facebook: First EX 😒

Twitter: my lover while dating Facebook, now also an EX 😕

YouTube: A good friend I hang out with. 😃

Instagram: On and off lover. 😍

TikTok: Newest fling. 😘 

Blogging: My first love, my one and only true love. The one I’ll always return to. 💘

I’ll be back at 28. I just need a rest from everything for now and reset my energy.

And so here my Purr-ty Claw-ver wave to you! 😹

35 thoughts on “Goodbye my friends…👋

  1. I started as a ”therapeutic” way to manage depression, didn’t work, of course.
    Then, it helped me remember that I like writing, I am much more fluid with the pen than with the piano, but, pretty mediocre, as well jajajaaj
    BUT!! I found some joy just because of doing it, not the blogging, but the writing, social media will change, they will come and go, but writing is precious, it’s fragile and can be pure… I fell for writing, not for blogging…
    You have been missed! Make always your off days, days worthy.

    1. Oh I love writing so much too and it’s actually one of the reasons I’m taking a break. But blogging is the only social media I can’t let go. I love reading and blogging fall into that category for me. Thanks for dropping by cariño ☺

  2. You better come back!! We’ll miss you :c I do, however, understand the need of a break. I, unfortunately, will be forced to have one in the near future, but let’s not think about that. Also, that photo is really cute!!

    1. Thanks Nour! ❤
      It’s also sad to know that you’ll take your turn for a break soon but as you said let’s not talk about it… it’s fine as long as it’s not a complete stop 🙃

  3. So cute pic of you Jenny.😍💞 Although it is really sad to hear that you are taking a break, it is the fact that you want a break. Enjoy the upcoming days. Waiting for your return…😊 Much love dear💚

      1. That’s true. If you turn busy, your son will definitely be bored. Give much time for him. He is a sweet guy. I appreciate your decision after hearing this.😍🥰👍

  4. We will miss you Jessica! But we understand your need to take a break..Your blog community will always be here for u when you come back!! 🙂

      1. Quitting everything after all these years? I know is time consuming sometimes but still I guess it has its positive side too 😉 However take your time dear Jess 💕🤗

  5. I’m there in all platform🧐 I’m watching you 😳😉😋😜 I am only going to miss your constructive criticisms 😊✨

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