Go ahead, ignore me. Shoo!

I don’t participate in follow for follow (especially with blogging) but I usually follow back anyone who got a couple of contents that seem interesting to me. Whenever someone comments in my post I always check out that person’s blog (if available).


I hate it when someone who hasn’t visit my site, followed me, or worse, had no kind of interaction with me send me an email invitation to follow their blog. Like who are you?

I’m not the type to pick a fight, but I get pissed off too, and if it isn’t obvious I’m short-tempered.

Just for reference though, I don’t have any favorite kind of blog, I’m a versatile blogger and reader, however, I don’t follow sports blog, I’m clueless over them and I’m not interested to learn. I’m satisfied watching them in movies and anime, that’s it.

Hug and kisses

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Author: Jessica E. Larsen

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26 thoughts on “Go ahead, ignore me. Shoo!

    1. Haha 😀 I’m trying to get this temper under control, as for who they are… let’s not say it here 😁

    1. Oh well, I guess every one experience it. Yes bestie, people are one of the animals with strangest behaviour 😂

  1. 😂😂 ha ha ha… Title is cute 😜 I understand about that, why follow for follow, when that’s not our real purpose… And sports 😂 I have no idea what that mean 😸 who are these strangers to insist someone 🤔 its okay to be short tempered on them 🙋Have a wonderful Weekend 🌅✨💐

    1. Thanks Simon ❤️ You always bring a smile to my face. No wonder you’re one of my favorite blogger 😁 Have a great Sunday to you too!

      1. My pleasure my dearest favourite blogger 🥰 I’m happy to bring a smile 😍🤓😁 Have a Joyful day 🎉💐

    1. haha 😄 I’m terrible at sports and so I’ve lost any interest to read about it unless it’s a movie like Jerry Maguire

    1. Yes, I’ve notice that too. Sometimes it’s so obvious that they only commented to invite you to their website without even bothering to look what you’ve written. It’s all about them.

  2. Totally agree with you sweetie. Some people are just…way off with the way they interact with fellow human souls ya know?! You do what you do and let them go loopy in their own worlds! Hope you’re well, missed you 💜

    1. Hi Miss Fiery, I love the energetic energy you bring with you. I normally ignore them, but I guess I got enough for a while haha 😀
      Hope you’re doing well too, I haven’t blogged much lately but I miss you too! 💙

    1. It’s better not to mention them, because if they happen to be villains like in 007s films I’m worried for my safety 😂

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