Fun Friday: Get to know the Philippines

Ok kid, you got the job

I don’t know why I haven’t shared this before, but here’s a funny parody of Lady Gaga’s song, this comedian perfectly showcases Philippine culture in a fun way. Watch it, if it doesn’t make you laugh, I’m sure it will at least make you smile. 😄

Have a fun Friday!

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Kisses 😘

Author: Jessica E. Larsen

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18 thoughts on “Fun Friday: Get to know the Philippines

  1. This is the 4th time I’m trying to leave a comment…from my phone reader did not worked, from my phone on your site it did not worked, from my Mac on reader it did not worked, sigh 😔
    I had a good laugh but now I’m angry again 🤨
    However I hope one day I’ll be able to see Philippines 😃

    1. Oh I’m so sorry Ribby, I wonder if it’s my page again … 🙁
      They have a slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” but really take it with a grain of salt and be careful walking on the side of the road. My wallet inside my bag vanished in a span of 15 seconds. Although, you might have lots of fun if you got a travel agency that guides you to tourist areas 😁

      1. Hahaha….I never usually travel with a travel agency but if I’ll ever be able to visit Philippines I’ll take your advises 😉 I don’t want to remain without my wallet 🤪

        1. Oh my god that was a hell. I ended up using my vacation to find a way to get back to pain because my residence card was in that wallet.

          1. I found a way to get back to Europe, but my IDs were permanently lost. 🙁

          2. And then I wonder, what can they do with someone else’s ID? Take the money if you wish but at least leave the documents somewhere where the owner can find them 😓

          3. Exactly what I’ve wish. If my wallet was delivered back to me, I won’t have the hell I went through I guess.. 😔

  2. I can definitely survive in philiphines 😍 Jessica here I come 😜 and you could survive here too 😂😂 It’s just like south india, with a little touch here and there but not really a big change 😍😍 loved the video so funny 😂😜😂😜 LOL! Thanks for sharing ✨🤗🤗💐Have a Lovely Weekend ✨💐

    1. Yes, I can guess that our home country got a lot of similarity especially on heat and population haha 😀 Glad you liked the video. ❤️
      Wishing you a sweet peaceful weekend too 🤗

      1. Yup, lot of similarity the only difference is the cab, if a women stops for a car all cabbies and autos will stop here 😂😂 . Have a lovely weekend 🤗😍

    1. 😂 I wonder if she will be happy there though. They’ll eat her alive. Joke 😀

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