First solo

First and foremost when I decided to start blogging seriously again, it was not my intention to have my blog friends read my books or have them help me commercialize them.


I seriously love blogging about everyday stuff, or anything under the sky and interacting with people outside social media. I’ve been a blogger for a long time before I decided to write fiction. But now I’m a fiction writer, and there’s no denying the joy it brings when someone shares their view of my books.

What Took You So Long blog tour happened last Sunday until Tuesday. And this first solo experience is thanks to SHALINI from for organizing it and of course all the bloggers who either review or share the teasers. Thank you…

Book Reviews

Write Where I Read

The Cozy Pages

Lili’s Blissful Pages

The book expert This is a negative review but I find it fair to share it too even if blood poured out of my eyes upon reading it. hahaha 😂

Misty’s Book SpaceThe thing about me is that I love positive reviews but at the same time, I become shy when the reader said that it was a great read and give it a 5 star, yet at the same time I want to share it so bad. This review just blows my mind. Thanks Misty!

The BookWorm Drinketh – This is the third that mentions Milky’s name. Oh my gosh! Milky needs a name change! 😀 – I love the little drink recipe Nicole added here haha.

Sophril Reads

Teaser and book blitz

Bibi’s Book Blog

The reading chemist

Moohnshine’s Corner

Mani’s Book Corner

Crystal’s Book World

Books Teacup & Reviews

Read with Me

24 thoughts on “First solo

    1. Thanks Kavita 🙂 Life will be boring if I don’t my heart, although it’s not always smart to listen to it haha 😀

  1. Hell Jess 🙂 Oh well I read all these reviews and some were harsh, some were good, I guess I can’t tell unless I read so I must have a copy and then I’ll give you my opinion 🙂 The Book Expert review though :/ she doesn’t look an expert to me tbh
    Looking forward to read your book Jess and I’ll try to be nice hahah

    1. Thanks Hug. ❤️ I won’t say that her harsh words didn’t affect me, but I did not let it go deep inside me. I can’t please everyone and I have to accept that some completely find it a waste of time and let them express their opinion. However, your kind words made my day 😄. And if you ever read my book please don’t hold back on my account. If you find it “meh” feel free to say so, but of course I hope you’ll enjoy it.

      1. Sure you can’t please anyone and you shouldn’t anyway! I might not like it but it’s not an issue at all because many will 😊 how to buy it?

          1. It wasn’t there and not the first time don’t think I’m stupid 😊 when my country appear I don’t get kindle version for many books
            My brother helps with this, he puts USA address and he usually buys me these stuff
            I got a free copy and I bought it 😊 will let you know when I read it ❤️

          2. I don’t think you’re stupid. I experience (and heard) a lot of crazy things about Kindle books. Sigh. If I list down things that annoy me in Amazon I’d be depressed every day. Thank goodness the positive outweigh them.

          3. Yes for countries like ours, kindle version doesn’t exist most of the times and many other things as well
            Yes lot of positive things of course

    1. Yep. Blogging was the best thing for me before I found out my passion for writing fiction. It still is, but it’s competing with my fictions haha 😁

  2. Thank you so much. A Book can cause so many reactions. It was a surprise for me to see that as I didn’t know what most would decide. Sorry for delayed reply, I didn’t get a ping back to the post

    1. Thanks again Shalini. I’m not sure what post you’re referring too but it totally slipped out of my mind to use a ping back to a specific post. I only added you page… haha 😅

    1. Thanks Mnimi ❤ I did not do much just added a slide, but I’m you liked it 😀
      I’m based in Spain.

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