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Film Friday review

It’s crazy how I end up watching Cinderella in different version despite my unfavorable opinion of her. Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella (1997) lured me into watching it because of my favorite actor Victor Garber and Whoopi Goldberg who made me burst to laughter after barely saying anything. It’s a bonus that Whitney Houston is the fairy godmother.

I also love that this an interracial version. Though I must admit that I skip a lot of the singing part because it makes me cringe. But singing aside, this is my favorite out of all Cinderella I’ve seen so far because it was even explained why she wanted to stay and how she admitted wanting to leave.

I never seen the actor for the prince charming but he’s cute. I liked his acting too.

Though the film became very short because as mentioned I skip nearly all the musical part. But this film got one of the best lines.

Warning spoiler below…

Back off now.

I’m serious.

Ok since you’re that eager I’ll write them now.

“That’s the problem with most people. They dream about what the want to do instead of really doing it.”

– Fairy godmother

Lines from Lionel (the butler) and stepmother

Stepmother: Surely, there’s no need to pretend. I know that you felt a certain something between us.

Lionel: You know I honestly wish there was something between us

Stepmother: Really?

Lionel: Yes… a continent.

Lines from the king and queen. Talking about their son, the prince.

Queen: So many beautiful girls. He’ll find the one he’s looking for tonight, I’m sure of it.

King: And if he doesn’t?

Queen: This ball will never end.

That’s it! I really recommend this film to anyone. If you like musical even better. If you don’t skip the music. You’ll still get the story.


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