F4 – Forever

The dove! I also want to the touch the bird 😭

I admit. I only I understand a few words of what they’re singing but I love this song. Not only because I personally think they are (the original) and the best F4 (natural and not overloaded with make-up like the newer versions) but also because the music and well their voices.

This song used to bring me close to tears from the instrumental beginning. So beautiful. Nostalgic, cheerful and a tint of bittersweet because it remind me so much of my puberty years, the time when I was in love with love.

Now please let me cry my aching heart…

In case you’re curious my favorite in the 2001 Meteor Garden Series is, it’s not the lead characters but Měi Zuò (Vanness Wu – the 3rd guy from the left in the video below)

Are you curious about the series?

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8 thoughts on “F4 – Forever

    1. They are. I guess that’s why there are weddings that sets doves free… for peaceful relationship

  1. I have no idea what you’re talking about…🤪 to be honest I’ve never watched any Asian or Korean drama…😅
    But Singapore love all Korean drama…they watch them day and night everywhere they are: in the public transport, walking, in the office, eating…😆
    But you’re on Medium 🤩 Congratulations 🎊 I don’t know how you can make it…I’m only here in WP and I barely manage to write a few posts…🤪

    1. That’s ok dear Ribby, you don’t need to have a clue haha 😅
      Wow, didn’t know Singapore was that crazy. It seems like Philippines is the same too. Luckily I was out of the country by the time the K-pop and K-Drama crazed started. If not I’ll go crazy. To be honest I’m not fan of the K-crazed because I can’t get over the fact that I have a hard time telling them apart. In both genders. Sometimes I think if a man choose to dress like a woman I won’t be able to tell the gender apart too… sigh.
      Well, I’m a bit writing crazy. I can read 12 hours straight and I’m just as crazy about writing. Consequences to this though is that I get burnt out often. 😅

      1. Hahaha…yes, very true….very difficult to tell them apart….🤪🤪 which is not really ok….I mean….a man need to look like a man….hahaha…like your macho mans from the love stories….😍😉
        I do have some of this episodes….sometimes I have days when I read and I read and I write blogs…and then for a few days I don’t even open the blog….🤪🤪

        1. Haha I think I got a couple of non-macho men around, but yeah, I also believe that (unless it’s part of the story) we should be able to tell men apart.
          Sigh, I think we all have those days…

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