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Devil in Disguise

Devil in Disguise is the first English book I wrote. And for a while it embarrassed me. But if I learned something over 5 years of writing, that is to stand up for what I’ve worked hard to complete.

So here’s the first two pages of this book.

“Young Master!” one of three approaching men called out.

“Damn!” Benjamin sprinted down the hallway, away from the group wearing tuxedos.

His parents suddenly decided they needed a family vacation and invited him. He agreed and went with them for a “tropical getaway.” He flew from England to the Philippines just to find himself trapped in one of their schemes.

“Boss, what’s going on?” one of his men, Grayson, asked as Benjamin turned the corner.

Grayson wore faded jeans, an off-white shirt, and a red sport headband.

Benjamin smirked and grabbed him by the shoulders. “Grayson, good timing. Take your clothes off.” Grayson was the only one of his men that matched his height and body size; they were both just above six feet tall.

Grayson looked around. “B-Boss? But we’re . . . in a hotel hallway.”

“I don’t care. Strip!” Benjamin commanded. “Quickly!” he added when Grayson reluctantly reached for his collar.

“Yes, boss!” Grayson said, and within the next few seconds he stood in front of Benjamin wearing nothing but underwear, then went pale when Benjamin pulled down his slacks in one motion. “Boss, s-sorry but even if you’re g-good l-looking, I can’t–”

Benjamin smacked Grayson’s head and picked up his jeans. “You better not be thinking I have an interest in you.”

“N-No, of course not, boss,” Grayson answered, relieved that Benjamin didn’t have that in mind. “But why are you wearing my clothes?”

Benjamin continued to change into Grayson’s clothes. “Enough questions. Hurry and put on my clothes. Now, wear my cap and give me your headband.”


“Do you really want me to repeat myself?”

“No, boss.” Grayson tore his headband off and gave it to Benjamin, who wore it at an angle across his head, yet it strangely looked fine.

“Listen to me, Grayson. When Jed, Martin, and Galen show up, head in the opposite direction and act like you’re me.” Benjamin gave one more look down the hallway, then pushed off the wall. 

“Why, boss? Where are you going?”

“Out of here!”

“But then who will go to the meeting?”

“Can’t you tell who’s going? Look at what you’re wearing!”

“Young master, stay where you are!”

“Oh, shit!” Grayson looked down and realized what he’d done. With no choice left, he ran to the left hallway as fast as he could, pushing every door he passed until he found an unlocked one. He entered the room, pulled his gun out, and pointed it at the couple in the bed, who seemed to be talking before he disturbed them.

“I’ll be out soon, so shut up and don’t make any noise. And don’t dare make any fast moves, or I’ll blow your brains out.”

The terrified couple silently nodded and hugged each other.

“Good.” He put his gun down and sighed.

Will his dark secrets tear them apart from their fated love?

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