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Whenever a person feels the worse
They always feel better after talking to friends or family
Fresh air usually elevate the anxiety
A loved one’s smile elevates the pain inside

But what if it can’t?
What if nothing works
What if everything seem useless
Everything feels meaningless

A bucket of tears well inside
But there’s no tears in my eyes
I wish to speak but no words comes out
I want to smile but my lips are locked.

Depression is a terrible thing
You can’t touch it but you can feel
It’s impossible to hide from it
So, I’ll fight it. I will win over it. 

Thank you for reading! It’s such an ironic thing that in the last 4 days which I reserved to read blogs is the days I got this heavy blow female hormones…

But then again, that life right? I’m still looking forward for tomorrow. I hope everyone is the same.

Have a nice day!


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