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Dec 5 for Dec 6

Confuse of the title? Don’t be. I celebrated my birthday yesterday in pain and because of it, NO CAKE. No blog post and not a thank you for those who greeted me in social media. I feel ungrateful πŸ™

What accident?

A car accident.

Because of the icy road the car behind us lose his control rammed us hard from the back. It threw us off the road and kudos for my husband who remain calm and maneuvered the car to a safe stop.

I’m safe, but sprained my neck, and that’s why I can barely move without screaming “Ow!!!!”

Luckily, this incident happened after I completed my challenge. Or else it would have been a disaster for my plans.

Tell me what you think. Do I seem nervous? Did I do well?


I’ve set my 8 birthday story as UNLISTED so you must have the link to listen: https://youtu.be/znJJ3pkyL4A

Have a great Friday!


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