Creepy creepy creepy

I’ve heard and read a lot about this series the last two years. I’ve been curious mainly because Jughead is starred by of one the twins from my favorite Disney series, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

But I don’t know it was not enough. Today, however, I watched the pilot episode and the second… and I’m creep out! I hate sight of dead body and autopsy.

Author: Jessica E. Larsen

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21 thoughts on “Creepy creepy creepy

  1. The tv series is so different from the comics. Archie was mostly a light read, while Riverdale is anything but.

  2. 🤔 Sounds like a watchable one. let me book my data right away. Wait all weekends my data is occupied.🙄🤔 time to hack someone’s wifi 😎 Let me work on it Hack(Bro give me ur wifi password) 😋😸

      1. A very good question, kind hearted people around 😉 Wish someone would be kind enough to share their entire day wifi with me 🙄 Victims needed 😁 I’m officially posting a requirement now.😜

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