Cleaning up my closet

I have no idea why, but I recently noticed that my WordPress reader isn’t showing post from many of my favorite bloggers. It’s really hard for me to go and click on “manage following” only to find out if they check if they posted an update.

Anyone else noticing this in their WordPress feed?

And because of this, I decided to “clean up my closet” so to say. I’ll do same thing as I did when I started blogging, and that is to create a list where I list down blogs that interact with me and I love to interact with.

I wish WordPress fix this annoying thing. And I wish they add a “list” function, so that I can categories the blogs I’m following! That’s it.

My blogging life will be easier if that was possible, because I want to be able to see how many poets, book reviewer, food bloggers or versatile bloggers I’m following… so that if I’m in mood to read poems or just pictures, I would not have to scroll so much to find specific kind of bloggers…

Have a great weekend!


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