Cleaning up my closet

I have no idea why, but I recently noticed that my WordPress reader isn’t showing post from many of my favorite bloggers. It’s really hard for me to go and click on “manage following” only to find out if they check if they posted an update.

Anyone else noticing this in their WordPress feed?

And because of this, I decided to “clean up my closet” so to say. I’ll do same thing as I did when I started blogging, and that is to create a list where I list down blogs that interact with me and I love to interact with.

I wish WordPress fix this annoying thing. And I wish they add a “list” function, so that I can categories the blogs I’m following! That’s it.

My blogging life will be easier if that was possible, because I want to be able to see how many poets, book reviewer, food bloggers or versatile bloggers I’m following… so that if I’m in mood to read poems or just pictures, I would not have to scroll so much to find specific kind of bloggers…

Have a great weekend!

38 thoughts on “Cleaning up my closet

  1. I’m with you dear Jess! I have noticed that sometimes I can see some posts of the bloggers that I follow but then will disappear…Hope WP would do something to make our life easier 🙂

    1. Yes, I see everyone I’m following in the reader too, but I don’t see everyone’s post when I scroll through the readers feed because it mostly shows only the post from the newest bloggers I’m following 🙁 Sucks, but I can only rant about it and hope that WordPress reads it.

      1. I use the manage feature to go through my entire list instead of the feed. There are certainly things WordPress could do to make it easier, such as your suggestions.

  2. I have the same problem Jessica. Your posts never show up in my reader, same with several others like Sheree, just never show up which is very annoying. It seems the newest blogs I follow are the ones that show up in the reader all the time. I wish I could change that somehow. WP never gives straight answers.😕

    1. Huhuhu so true Steve. I’ve read it while searching for answer, that what you said about that only the post from newest blogger you followed shows up is true. Because that’s what’s happening to me :'( So unfair.

  3. What you are experiencing is normal WP, there’s always something that pops up, a change made that you didn’t make, they have no explaination for. After years of dealing with them I’ve quit contacting them. Hopefully someone will have an idea or fix. This happens pretty often, the follow now unfollow game. Sorry didn’t have better news for you.

    1. I don’t want to play the follow/unfollow game which in my opinion is terrible. I follow blogs because even if I don’t like all their post, if I see that they have one or interesting stuff then that’s good enough. What annoy me is that the post of bloggers I’ve been following for almost a year is not showing in the reader 😡😭

  4. This happens to me a lot and I wonder if my posts are showing up in your reader because no one has commented on them this week which I find peculiar. I hope WordPress works this problem out soon! It always seems to.

    1. I’m not sure how often you update Kitty but I do remember seeing your post a few times. But one thing I noticed when I see you post in WordPress reader is that, there’s no comment area. I have to visit your site to be able to comment.

      1. I visited your page and see that I haven’t seen you last 4 post. There was no follow button too. So went to your url and saw that it seems like you got remove from the list of blogs I’m following. 🤨 weird. I click follow again and see that there really is no follow button on your page in the reader. 🙁
        One good thing though, the comment section is there now.

      2. Thank you for letting me know because I didn’t realise! I post three times a week but maybe they’re not all showing up. Sorry about that but thank you for telling me! I don’t know how to sort that out 😖

        1. Well as another blogger said, I think it’s because the reader mostly shows post from the most recent follows. Which is very unfair to the older bloggers I follow. 🙁 But I’m seeing your post now (did some “cleaning” 😀 ) but I think it’s a try to get in touch with WordPress because I still can’t see your follow button in the reader. If a reader wants to follow you here, they can’t 🙁 Hopefully it’s just me.

          1. Thank you for telling me because I didn’t know. I will get in touch with WordPress to tell them about the issue and hopefully it is just you with a problem!

    1. I see your post now and then in my reader but not highlighted most of the time, so if I’m skimming through, I often missed it. But I don’t remember seeing anything from you at all the last few days. Only those I followed recently… WordPress system I guess 🤨

  5. Well, that’s weird🙄 Clean up the closet🤔. yes, tats the best thing to do☺️. Hopefully you will get your posts and fav’s back again ✨ Happy weekend ✍️🤗

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