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This post has been pending for too long, so it’s time to do something about it.

My husband has influenced me so much when it come black and white films.

There’s only a handful of black and white video I’ve seen in my life. Among them is Charlie Chaplin and the first episodes of the original Star Trek series and the first Time Machine movie.

Thanks to Christopher, a blogger whom I’ve never expected to feel like a close friend when I first followed him, I ended up watching Waterloo Bridge 1940.

This sweet but tragic love story is touching and well, sad… I can’t even call it bittersweet. My heart was being rip to pieces as watch their love end. If only I know beforehand… god why did she have to do that to herself? Is it really hard to understand that a man can love you no matter what? 😭

Love old movies with a heartbreaking ending? Try watching this.


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