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ChAtTing with myself

Yesika Forest: Jessica…

Yesika Forest: Jes. si. ca! πŸ˜–

Jessica E. Larsen: What is it you brat? I’m tired and trying to drown myself in caffeine to stay awake… attention seeker…

Yesika Forest:  😨 so mean…

Jessica E. Larsen: Drop the drama what do you want?

Yesika Forest:  πŸ˜’ You can’t even handle one cup of coffee without twisting in pain and you dare lie–

Jessica E. Larsen: I’m going to strangle you-you brat! It’s cola okay? Cola! It’s a warm night. πŸ˜ 

Yesika Forest:  πŸ˜†

Jessica E. Larsen: 😀 What do you want?

Yesika Forest: I’m joining you here.

Jessica E. Larsen: What? 😑

Yesika Forest: I don’t want to manage your blog anymore.

Jessica E. Larsen: Why you- I manage this blog!

Yesika Forest: Temper sis. πŸ™ƒ I’m talking about CafΓ© Jessica

Jessica E. Larsen: What about it? 

Yesika Forest: See, I’m having a hard time with the spam comments slipping through. 😟

Jessica E. Larsen: Ignore and delete them. Simple.

Yesika Forest: 😭 You know how difficult that is since you almost never give your body to me.

Jessica E. Larsen: Can you please not make it sound in a way that can be misunderstood by readers?

Yesika Forest: What’s there to misunderstand? We share one body and you barely give me the freedom to have you. 

Jessica E. Larsen: Brat.

Yesika Forest:  😭 Why do you keep calling me that?

Jessica E. Larsen: Because you are. 

Yesika Forest:  😒 

Jessica E. Larsen: πŸ˜€ Fine, go make a post there that you’re moving here.

Yesika Forest: Yay!  πŸ’ž πŸ’ƒ

Well, that it folks, it’s hard sharing one body so Yesika will be here with me and “Cafe Jessica” will temporarily close down. Yesika, want to introduce yourself?

Ehehem! Hi everyone I’m Yesika Forest, a fairy princess living in Love and kisses, graphic station, 12-L, Fairyland 😁I’m also a hopeless romantic like Jessica. I love to laugh, love to read and write, very curious and adventurous. I’m the child inside Jessica that never grows old.
If you’re curious how I look here is a drawing of myself.

And this is just between us but I think Jessica is jealous that I’m more popular than her in Facebook.

You just don’t give up do you? And don’t flaunt the picture that I design and painted–

So if you’re in Facebook and kindly like her page!

I’ll be posting this now before she catches me!πŸ˜† Kisses -Yesika

Jessica edit: Brat.

Thanks for reading! HAPPY WEEKEND! ❀️


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