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ChatTing with Myself #2

Yesika: Jess…
Yesika: Jessica!
Jessica: What?
Yesika: Do you have to shout?
Jessica: Do you have to be such a pest?
Yesika: I’m a fairy, not a pest!
Jessica: Oh yeah? Where’s your wings hm?
Yesika: So mean… you know I can’t show it here when we are sharing one body. 😭
Jessica:  😤 Sorry, I’m busy writing the last book of my Filipino series. What do you want?
Yesika: You’re blog will soon be a wasteland…
Jessica: Have you come to make trouble again? I already said I’m busy writing the last book in my Tagalog series didn’t I?
Yesika: You’ll disappoint your readers if you skip blogging for too long…
Jessica: Use your magic to entertain them.
Yesika: I can’t when I’m in the human world and sharing this un-magical body with you.
Jessica: … did you just insult me?
Jessica: Hey, why are you so quiet?
Yesika: Oh! 😲 Look the time. Time to fly!  😈
Jessica: Hey! Come back here!
Yesika:  😝

Well, there you go, my beloved and treasured readers. I’m not very active to write and read blogs. Unlike Yesika who can just wave her hands and create the impossible. I’m a mere human who lacks the time to blog all the time. So please bear with me as I take breaks here and there…

with love…


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