ChatTing with Myself #2

Yesika: Jess…
Yesika: Jessica!
Jessica: What?
Yesika: Do you have to shout?
Jessica: Do you have to be such a pest?
Yesika: I’m a fairy, not a pest!
Jessica: Oh yeah? Where’s your wings hm?
Yesika: So mean… you know I can’t show it here when we are sharing one body. 😭
Jessica:  😤 Sorry, I’m busy writing the last book of my Filipino series. What do you want?
Yesika: You’re blog will soon be a wasteland…
Jessica: Have you come to make trouble again? I already said I’m busy writing the last book in my Tagalog series didn’t I?
Yesika: You’ll disappoint your readers if you skip blogging for too long…
Jessica: Use your magic to entertain them.
Yesika: I can’t when I’m in the human world and sharing this un-magical body with you.
Jessica: … did you just insult me?
Jessica: Hey, why are you so quiet?
Yesika: Oh! 😲 Look the time. Time to fly!  😈
Jessica: Hey! Come back here!
Yesika:  😝

Well, there you go, my beloved and treasured readers. I’m not very active to write and read blogs. Unlike Yesika who can just wave her hands and create the impossible. I’m a mere human who lacks the time to blog all the time. So please bear with me as I take breaks here and there…

with love…

28 thoughts on “ChatTing with Myself #2

  1. Dear Jessica, take your sweet time ….. and continue to share your passions …. after all, wherever you are, you are such a wonderfully sweet blessing!!! 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷Sending much LOVE!!! ❤️🧡💛💜💙💚🧡💛💜💙💚❤️

    1. Same here Weng. Blogging do give special satisfaction but same with book writing for me. I often must choose so I try to divide my time, but this time my book needs more attention.

      Yes, all my banners and web buttons is my own arts. The signature on this one was something I’ve used since 2012 (or before that) it’s just that I can’t find a place to put it in after I designed this blog.

      It’s a little abandon but I got more artworks here:

  2. Hehehe…you two are too cute 🙂 I was wondering if everything ok but now I know you’re fine 🙂 You need to take advantage of the moments when the inspiration comes my dear author 🙂 Enjoy it 🙂

      1. And I think sometimes translating it, it looses a little bit from the meaning…at least sometimes I’ve noticed it when I need to translate from Italian to English…maybe the word has the same meaning but is not the same…ohh….I don’t know how to explain it better 😄

        1. I totally get you Ribby. My best example would be Norwegian to English. Before I understood and spoke Norwegian, my husband would often translate jokes and expression in his language to English for me, and it made me smile. But when I understood the language, the same jokes made laugh to tears… yes, sometimes the whole spirit of the words are scrapped away.

          1. Very very true! I guess each language has its beauty and translating it is not the same 🙂 However, congratulations for speaking Norwegian 🙂 Is not an easy language 🙂

          2. Hahaha tell me about it. Thanks Ribby ❤️ I can thank the library for the free translated manga books and my mother in law for it. She don’t speak English but she was a good Norwegian teacher 🙂

  3. Yesika & Jessica😀Wow! that was really nice concept 😉 I’m getting a story here. What if someone love a character that has alter ego that is jealous and evil 🤔 sounds like a good story isn’t it 😁 try it😉 may be for your next book😊 Glad you are back with a short post. Happy writing ✨✍️

    1. Now that you mentioned it I actually already wrote (or least wrote down an idea) about a character with split personalities… 🤔 I should look for it. But its not evil though haha 😀

      I challenge you to write it Simon. Wait… sending you an email ok?

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