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    Coward of the County

    “Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man” I got a new gimmick you guys! Monday is always about music for me, but instead of just sharing the songs, I’ll be including a short story or poem which I wrote while listening to it. So please watch out for anything with “inspired” in the title every Monday.…

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    Staying true even online

    It’s easy to be someone else on social media. Whether that “person” is more outgoing than you are, has a different sense of humor than you do, sounds more upbeat than your real self ever does … you can be anything you want to be online. I admit, back when I was only starting to explore the…

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    Nothing is for Certain

    These past few days (weeks probably) I’ve been fighting one of the deadly enemy to human. A decease called depression, plus something known to women, hormone imbalance, go just the sound of it makes me want to murder the word, if possible. Please cheer up because I’m about to depress you and hopefully give you hope. This…

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    Traces of You

    It's been so long since we parted But the memory of it Felt like it was just yesterday Your smile haunts me to this day Days, weeks, years pass by in darkness Between us, I'm the moon You're the sun Without you I can't shine Your clothes, your gifts Everything that reminds me of you They're all…

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    Hey guys as much as I like being a versatile blogger, I will now be focusing more on sharing my creative writing, poems, short stories and excerpts from my books. Although, I will no longer be accepting blog awards, being chatty is a part of me, so expect to still see post about music, movies, TV series…

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    Just Because

    Just because I’m smilingdoesn’t mean I’m happyJust because I’m laughingdoesn’t I’m having the time of my life When someone cried in front of medoesn’t mean they’rethe victim Stop judging peoplebased on their expressionbecause you have no ideawhat they are trulygoing through. PS: Not dedicated to anyone. 😁

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    L-for Loser

    This post was a respond to Simon’s Life Lessons Vers 4 – Loser! Bullies are especially fan of the word “Loser” and here’s my stand on it. Loser is a created brand patented and registered by fools who thinks they’re so great. Next time someone call you a loser just smile knowing that the problem isn’t you.…

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    I’ve been tagged for happiness by Steve who often suffers a stare down his feet if his beloved cat, Muffin, doesn’t get her meal. The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are. – Goldie Hawn​​ When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars. So let’s keep…

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    Wolf Mountain #6

    wolf mountain

    Amara… I never moaned at the sound of my name before but hearing it from Shadow took a lot of control to stop the sound from slipping away. “Don’t you dare,” I said in forced anger. “You ruined my birthday celebration and damaged my phone. So pay me back.” Frost groaned. “You-!” Shadow looked behind me. “Go…

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    Wolf Mountain #5

    wolf mountain

    I found the Wolf Waves salon after asking around a lot for direction. It was a simple, homely and welcoming shop that wouldn’t make me think of a hostile Shadow,. I pushed the word charming and cool out of my mind, if not, I’d start accepting to have puppies. I pushed the door open. Veronica was right.…

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    Wolf Mountain #4

    wolf mountain

    Shadow pressed his paw on top of my shoulders. "You're my queen. Come on, it's time to make puppies." Ignoring my petrified state, Shadow licked my lips, running his wet tongue to my nose and tightly closed eyes. "No! I don't want puppies!" I screamed pushing the animal off me. A disappointed brown Kelpie whimpered and get…