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    Coward of the County

    “Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man” I got a new gimmick you guys! Monday is always about music for me, but instead of just sharing the songs, I’ll be including a short story or poem which I wrote while listening to it. So please watch out for anything with “inspired” in the title every Monday.…

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    I want the same dress!

    I always pride myself for liking great music not because the singers looks good/charming/beautiful etc… but sorry to break that because the video below become very likeable to me, because… First…they look like barbies! Second, they’re fun to watch. Third and most important, I love their dress! I love how the string like skirt moved around the…

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    Monday Music

    Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You is a song I feel in love with since the first time I heard it. But like many of my favorites it was only around 2006, during my early twenties, and about 20 years later after this song was released, that I got to see the video. And embarrassing as…

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    Get on up when you’re down

    Here’s another song to brighten up your Monday! 5ive was one those group that soar when boybands was at the highest, yet probably forgotten even by 90s kids. I have to admit. I never forgot 5ive because I don’t even know them to begin with 😂 But I love many of their songs like “Keep on Movin”…

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    SB19…Who? 🤨

    It’s not Monday but I feel the need to post this. I never been a k-pop fan, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be. But I must admit, I’m happy to accidentally stumbled on this all-Filipino K-pop band. Their catchy lyrics caught me. Mabuhay! Read my translation of their song below their dance practice video (the…

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    Make your Monday better

    Manic Monday

    Here’s another favorite music from 1986. I haven’t heard it until I was 18 but I love it from the first tone. Enjoy! Lyrics Six o’clock alreadyI was just in the middle of a dreamI was kissin’ ValentinoBy a crystal blue Italian streamBut I can’t be late‘Cause then I guess I just won’t get paidThese are the…

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    I’m “pretty dumb” or damn?

    Monday Music

    When it comes to entertainment; movies, music, books or anything I love to do to relax, I don’t like holding back my opinions. There are things that you simply must honestly tell to be satisfied Just days ago, I was personally insulted for criticizing music. If you like Gwen Stefani, you most probably know that she was…

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    Love Don’t Cost a Thing

    Love Don’t Cost a Thing by Jennifer Lopez is one of my most favorite. Not only for the lyrics but also because the music video rock! I love how she tossed everything to demonstrate the lyrics but after reading this comment: They cut my part out of the video! I was the one behind her collecting all…

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    Film Friday review


    It’s crazy how I end up watching Cinderella in different version despite my unfavorable opinion of her. Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella (1997) lured me into watching it because of my favorite actor Victor Garber and Whoopi Goldberg who made me burst to laughter after barely saying anything. It’s a bonus that Whitney Houston is the fairy godmother.…