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    I’m “pretty dumb” or damn?

    Monday Music

    When it comes to entertainment; movies, music, books or anything I love to do to relax, I don’t like holding back my opinions. There are things that you simply must honestly tell to be satisfied Just days ago, I was personally insulted for criticizing music. If you like Gwen Stefani, you most probably know that she was…

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    Love Don’t Cost a Thing

    Love Don’t Cost a Thing by Jennifer Lopez is one of my most favorite. Not only for the lyrics but also because the music video rock! I love how she tossed everything to demonstrate the lyrics but after reading this comment: They cut my part out of the video! I was the one behind her collecting all…

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    Film Friday review


    It’s crazy how I end up watching Cinderella in different version despite my unfavorable opinion of her. Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella (1997) lured me into watching it because of my favorite actor Victor Garber and Whoopi Goldberg who made me burst to laughter after barely saying anything. It’s a bonus that Whitney Houston is the fairy godmother.…

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    Loving it without knowing

    These songs are my favorite since my childhood. But it wasn’t until the end of May 2019 (yes, last week) that I found out that these songs are originally written and sang by Filipino singer. Both songs seriously touch my heart in the deepest way. If you’re outside Philippines and had never heard it. I really recommend…

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    Much Racket about #BTS (Part 2)

    As I mentioned in my previous post about the BTS, I have no interest in their songs. It’s not my cup of tea. And also because they are like a modern version of the boy bands from the ’90s. In my opinion, for the current standard, BTS is great. But if they were back in the ’90s…

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    Time heals, they say. It’s true, but some pain leaves a huge scar that hurts each time I see it. I’ve done so many things I regret in my life, a couple which involves death. It kills me each time I think that I can never go back and say “Hey, I’m truly sorry for all the…

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    Much Racket about #BTS

    Just last week I encountered a topic about a Korean boy band called BTS. I would not have reacted if I didn’t read somebody tweeting that she’s getting a “Milli Vanilli” vibes from the group and included that they hardly speak English. Okay, first I have no idea who the group was. After searching them, I found…

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    Let music speak

    One of my most favorite way to relax is listening to instrumental music. No vocals, no singing, just instruments. Sometimes words are not needed to hear the music speaks to you.

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    Looking Back

    jessica larsen

    This may not be the most romantic post for valentines, but I want to talk about The Gambler by Kenny Rogers. This song was released in 1979. Five years before I was born but I loved it from the first time I heard it when I was around six years old. I clearly remember what I was…

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    Valentines is for romance

    It’s only four days to Valentines. And for most people who are staying at home, either having a candlelight dinner or fun family celebration, when the night sinks in it’s time for the adults to have fun. And that includes movie. I recommend Music and Lyrics. BLURB: A washed up singer is given a couple days to…

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    Push The Button by Sugarbabes

    All three guys of Push The Button music video are good looking, but am I the only one fangirling over the first guy? The one with glasses? The cool nerd. Someone in YouTube commented that his name is Emrhys Cooper ( sounds like a hard name to pronounce. Thank goodness I’m writing. 😀 ) His messy attire…