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    Looking for the right words, I ended up DailyWritingTips website. The topic was racking or wracking. I particularly love Qrystal (one commenter’s) reply: I was racking my brain to figure out whether I was wracking or racking my brain and found myself glad I didn’t wrack it.

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    1) You are reading this. 2) You are human. 3) You can’t say the letter ‘P’ without separating your lips. 4) You just attempted to do it. HAHA 😀 6) You are laughing at yourself. 7) You have a smile on your face and you skipped No. 5...

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    New Year goal. Sleep!

    Yep, you read it right. Thanks to Erin from KittyJade I now know what I need the most. Because I’m going down an insane road if I keep cutting my sleep hours to work. Last night (or this morning actually) I went from searching something for my books, to reading stories online, to browsing Instagram quotes, posting…

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    Laugh it out!

    Just a few days to Christmas eve. I’m sure you’re stressed out. So scroll down (or expand) this post to read a minute and have a good laugh. A person calls a pet store: “Send me thirty-thousand cockroaches, at once.” Astonished clerk: “What in the world do you want with thirty-thousand cockroaches?” Caller: “I’m moving out today,…

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    Beautiful friendship

    Do you believe that opposite genders can be friends without developing into romantic relationship? I do! This post about Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet 23 Years of friendship brought so much warmth in my heart. More than fairytale-like romantic weddings of Hollywood artist. It’s even more touching to read about their sweet friendship than read about some…

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    Never One without the Other

    This post was scheduled for tomorrow, but my internet has been running at 58kps for some days and can’t even upload a picture, so changed the date of this for today, in case I completely ran out of internet tomorrow. The one I’ll share today is audio play. It’s mysterious, beautiful and I think fits the Halloween.…

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    L-for Loser

    This post was a respond to Simon’s Life Lessons Vers 4 – Loser! Bullies are especially fan of the word “Loser” and here’s my stand on it. Loser is a created brand patented and registered by fools who thinks they’re so great. Next time someone call you a loser just smile knowing that the problem isn’t you.…

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    Afraid of #13

    Jessica e larsen Guestbook

    Finally I’m done upgrading my website after so much headache. But once I hit publish, I found out that I have exactly 13 pages! I don’t really believe that any number is more lucky than others, but just because I believe in “better safe than sorry” I took precaution and create a new page. A guestbook page.…

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    Never give up!

    I know almost everyone must be rejoicing because it’s Friyay! But I’m sure there are people out there who don’t feel as happy due to life crisis. SO here’s a picture to inspire you to never give up. See? Now this bird can’t swallow him! 😂 Now, we’re alive, we’re breathing. So let’s calm down and think…