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    Goodbye my friends…👋

    No joke. I will still blog but I’m taking a quick break. But here’s a question. You blog because…? Me? I need it. Although you might not always find me in my blog because I get caught up on the latest “it thing” (insert: Tiktok @ jessicaelarsen) but I will always return to blogging. Since I’m a…

  • Music,  random

    The one dance I refuse

    I always took part in a school dance when I was in school.   I’d dance anything except Tinikling… …because the first time I tried it, my foot got stuck between the bamboos! 😭 Plus, I’m too terrified to speed dance between large bamboo poles blindfolded! Watch the video to end and you’ll understand my fear. The dance…

  • Few words story,  Rants

    12-word story #001

    I don’t like posting more than once a day, but after seeing an infuriating video of a father hurting his baby girl in a tiktok video, reporting him isn’t enough. I have to share this 12-word story for that asshole and every assholes out there who thinks they can do whatever they want even just because they’re…

  • Monday,  TV Series / Movies

    Thapped [movie review]

    I planned to post this last Friday, but life happens and this was not on schedule so no music Monday. Movie Monday instead 😀 Summary: Amrita Sabharwal and Vikram have been happily married for several years. At a party to celebrate Vikram’s promotion Vikram gets a call informing him that his promotion contract has been compromised. Incensed,…

  • Rants

    One of the guys

    After listening to one of the caller of DJ Chacha’s #hearbeats about her being “one of the boys” as her defense for sending a topless picture of herself to one of her male coworker and went with him after speaking to him in only two weeks (without her lover’s knowledge)… I suddenly remember another girl who used…

  • Monday,  Music

    Bring it all back

    In the topic of “going back” from last week, here’s another song from my childhood. It got a really optimistic and motivating lyrics (below the video) When the world seems to get too tough Bring it all back to you Don’t stop, never give up Hold your head high and reach the top Let the world see…

  • Monday,  Music

    Going back

    My only post lately is too gloomy, it’s very unlike me, so let’s go back. Back to my positive side. Here’s 5,6,7,8 by Steps from 1998. A song that immediately drag me back to my childhood and make me want to dance cheerfully… Happy Monday! 😘 

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    A letter for you

    “Some days, the world is just too loud for a quiet soul” – Ultraverse Wherever I go all I read and see is corona virus. I get it we have a world problem but I don’t need to get updated each time another person dies. I’d rather hear that now this “epidemic” is over and no else…

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    Monday… 😴

    The one, poem

    I’m feeling blue…I want to do nothing and only sleep. It’s raining and everything’s grey and so a short poem title “the one” was created. Like, share and feedback is much appreciated 😘  ~The One~ In still silent nightI think of youOf everythingWe went through If I had a choiceI’ll change many thingsBut you’ll alwaysbe my one…

  • random


    Looking for the right words, I ended up DailyWritingTips website. The topic was racking or wracking. I particularly love Qrystal (one commenter’s) reply: I was racking my brain to figure out whether I was wracking or racking my brain and found myself glad I didn’t wrack it.