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Can’t buy me love

I remember when my husband was wooing me, everyone (especially my family) keeps pushing me to accept him. Saying things like “okay so he’s a lot older, but look, he’s handsome and financially stable. What are you still looking for?”

Ah… to fall in love?

What they don’t understand is, the more they pushed me the thicker I build the walls around me.

Some of the girls tried to be my friend, but whenever they got a chance, they tried to seduce him. When it doesn’t work they go back to me and say “why don’t you just tell him to go to me?”

Ah, hello? Not that simple, you know. He’s in love with me, it won’t go away just cause I tell him to go over there.

Ugh. Thank goodness he was patient enough to wait over two years for me. haha 😄

Today we’re celebrating our 19 year’s anniversary (not our wedding but the day we met)

Cheers! 🥂

Me and my husband 4 years ago


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