Brunch lover

I’m not a kitchen person, despite how my husband seems to embarrassingly brag my cooking to anyone he meets. Damn, that mouth needs a zipper.

Certified Idiot’s (excuse me, that’s really his site’s name 🤭 ) Breakfast at my House inspired me to share this.

I never drink coffee first thing in the morning (none at all actually) but I’m sure a lot of people do. As the mentioned post said and a slice of toast. At my house we do go for an easy breakfast during weekdays. A toast or a slice of bread, piece of ham, or whatever salad I can slapped on it, a glass of milk and done 😂

But the weekend, oh weekend, we sleep long hours, wake up late and have a brunch. I love weekends…

But even if it’s Monday today, please stay on the healthy side!

Have a wonderful day!

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13 thoughts on “Brunch lover

  1. I always go big in the morning 😁
    I love my rich breakfast 😋 fruits, eggs or avocado toast, cappuccino, cereals, croissants or my breakfast cakes and yogurt ☺️😋 Is save to say at 10am I’m hungry again 😁😋

    1. Sounds wonderful Ribby <3 I want rich breakfast everyday but I'm too lazy in the morning haha 😄

  2. Maybe you should buy a zipper and put it in a box and wrap it and give it to your husband for his birthday with a little note inside saying, “This is for your mouth. Zip it.” 😂🤣😅

    And you’re right, there’s nothing like a good brunch over the weeknd. 😋

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