All the stories in the series are intertwining with the first or the next book but also stand on its own with no cliffhanger.” But I do recommend readers to start with Book One, if possible.

PS: All books marked with [Filipino] is written in Philippine language.

Series: English Standalone Stories

Book Cover: What Took You So Long?
What Took You So Long?
Book Cover: Changing the Past
Changing the Past
Book Cover: Jenci's Trouble
Jenci's Trouble
Book Cover: Sparks of Attraction
Sparks of Attraction

Series: Minsan Pa (Filipino)

Book Cover: Minsan Pa (Filipino Novel)
Minsan Pa (Filipino Novel)

Series: Moon Islands

Book Cover: Making Him Fall
Making Him Fall

Series: The Flame Squad

Book Cover: Sly Prince
Sly Prince