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Reason’s why I like Instagram over Facebook.

1: I like pictures. 2: Pictures are pretty. 3: Creating pictures calms me. 4: I can design even fonts to be pretty pictures 5: Go…

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Hello and Thank you

Shout out to lovely bloggers who are still with me despite my long, very long break from blogging. Please know I’m truly grateful. I disabled…

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Celebrating 20 years!

I’ve never been impressed with church weddings. My dream back when I started thinking about love was a garden wedding. I won’t be wearing a…

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News and goodbye

I love blogging. It’s the first social media I fell in love with. But I can’t keep blogging regularly anymore. I will occasionally still drop…

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I’m back! Kind off 😒

I feel like I’ve been in a very strange dream lately. To ward off this stupid air, I chop my long hair, a good 20cm…

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Just a dream

I guess I’m more affected than I dare to admit. The last few months I’ve been seeing all these horrible videos of Asian people getting…

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A blogger…

I’ve never been Stephen King’s fan but I agree with him on many of the things he said. This one included: Newbie bloggers or people…

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Dracula as lovable Granpa

I’m not into vampire romance, but Hotel Transylvania is too hard not to love. Watch these clips and tell me you’re not tempted to watch…

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Women’s day

I got nothing much to say about this day, and I’m sure there are so many posts was written about this anyway, so I’ll stick…

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Because it’s your Birthday

“Hey you!” Simon was currently busy rushing home to be with his sweet wife, turn to look toward the bushes where the voice came from….

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I’ve been up to no good

No, not really. I just feel it so bad to be out of sight in the blogosphere. Depression can’t excuse it, so I’ll be using…

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no regrets
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No regrets

Happy writing, reading, blogging! Follow Jessica E. Larsen on

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