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A writer’s struggle

Often I will search for info about sickness or recipes for my book or blog post…before I know it, it’s 2 hours later and I’m…

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12-words story #004

He got the brightest smile, but I see the shadow behind it.

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No Comment

It’s 7 am and I’m up! And I had a night sleep! OH MY GOD! Unbelievable. 😂 Ok. Enough inside jokes. I haven’t blog much…

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Go ahead, ignore me. Shoo!

I don’t participate in follow for follow (especially with blogging) but I usually follow back anyone who got a couple of contents that seem interesting…

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I’ll Always Love You – Michael Johnson

This song was released long before I was born, but I swear listening to songs from this era makes me feel nostalgic… it breaks my…

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So what’s up?

Sewing! Yes, I decided to go back to sewing clothes, and yeah my son is wearing my newest creation. The shirt and the short is a recreated version from his grandmother’s pants and his father shirt…I’m taking a lot of writing break from book writing, including posting in my blog with except for reading blogs, which is why I changed my landing page into a static page, which shows a slideshow of my books and info about me, with my latest photo…

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I’ll be out for a bit…

You might have notice my inactivity lately. I’m doing fine. But I’m busy with life and won’t be much around the rest of the week….

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Remembering the fun times

The last few days suck. So I browse through photos to travel down the memory lane, and here’s a photo of 34-year-old me and my…

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Moonlight Shadow

When the night is darkBut the moon is brightEverything feels rightBecause you’re holding my hand at the shadow of the moonlight  The song below was inspire…

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Goddess of light

War. Blood showersVirus, pandemics She stood above itShe, the goddess of positivity With dirt on her bare feetShe proudly sings her songShowering everyone with herLovely light in the…

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He loves me, he loves me not

I woke up with my son giving me chamomile which grow outside our cabin. So I got to take a picture with it right away….

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Behind the Author: Interview

Hey guys! I forgot to share this when it was new but Mathew from Blog of the Wolf Boy, interviewed me exactly a year ago…

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