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Bittersweet Saturday

I’ve lost love one in my life, but losing the woman who had been like a mother to me (sadly appreciated me more than my own) created a turmoil inside me. Her death felt unreal and I might have been in denial for a while. But it finally sank in during her burial. And so, to close this sad chapter of my life, I wrote a poem for her.

10:30 AM

10:30 am the time she was brought to her final destination
Through the clouds, wind and rain, crying with us for losing her

As her church pastor recites words from the bible,
Words from her youngest son who truly loved her echoed inside

“From the space we come,
to the space we will return”

She was a sweet woman and I know she will live on
Her soul will go on bigger and greater adventure.

And she will always be a mother who love me for me

10:30 am poem

Thanks for reading!

I’ve been away from blogging a lot, but I’m going to be reading blogs again. Thanks for those who stay with me and sorry for late replies and maybe comments I’ll never be know I should reply.


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