Behind the Lies

Today is the 18th year since my husband and I first met. This is the day we are using to celebrate as our anniversary instead of our wedding day. The day my life changed. Below is the words dedicated to him.

My boys playing with stones at Benidorm beach with its signature island in the backdrop.

As a child I dream of nothing but a perfect family.

I never had it but I let my imagination took over.

Fake it til you make it, they say.

I live my lies until truth felt like lies.

I lived a lie with a smile.

But all things have endings. Reality crept in.

I met him and he made everything crumble.

My satisfaction ended with disappointment.

He forced me to realize my reasons behind the lies.

He broke my walls and tore it bits

and then helped me build something stronger.

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28 thoughts on “Behind the Lies

    1. Thank you so much for such warm and sweet words Drew. Truly appreciate it. 🙂

    1. 😀 Thanks. I hope will be together with 18 turns 81, sadly not many can live long enough to celebrate 81 anniversary.

  1. 18th? Say what… Cheehooo… I had to clear my eyes out first, then zoom in to make sure I read it right. Congratulations Jessica and him 🎊 🎊

  2. Happy anniversary 🎉🎉and may you always have each other’s 😊 loved how you described that he broke your walls to build something stronger 👍 powerful one 👌

    1. Thank you so much Hug <3

      oh and this is outside the topic but I finally realized who you reminds me of. Anastasia. Not the Russian princess but the singer when she was singing "left outside alone". You look similar to her and she look so powerful in the video hehehe it’s one of my fav.

      1. 😳😳😳 oh it’s a compliment now that Anastasia reminds you of me 😁 I certainly don’t look like that hahaa not even in this video 😁 but thanks Jess 😊 the song and video are very cool 👍

        1. Isn’t it? I really admired her in that video. Anyway, maybe it’s just me, but in my opinion you look a bit similar (except for the hair color) and you do have the same air as her 🙂

          1. The air probably but not the way she looks
            Check my selfies stories on Instagram and you will see 😊 i have some old selfies posted
            Now my hair is short

          2. I did! And I agree in a way. But I’m keeping my stand on the air part and it some way because of the pictures I saw on your blog before (forgot the title. Sorry) oh well, you have a nice gentle smile.

          3. Okay Jess whatever you say, you’re the boss 😁😁 yes one time I posted pictures when I wrote about A bird without wings in the big jungle part 2 the eagle rebirth, wanted to post some pictures as a part of the message only, not a fan of sharing my pictures nowadays, shared many in my previous Facebook account then suddenly I don’t love this anymore…
            And thank you for the compliment 😊😊😊 sorry I didn’t blush 😂

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both ✨👏 Nice Poem. I wish you both be the best example of a perfect couple Support each other and love forever. ✨

    1. Thanks David! Unfortunately, it became bittersweet. Our son caught a damn cold and couldn’t celebrate with us. It’s just as you said: “life rarely has all the solutions.”

        1. I hope so. We’re in a mountain area right now, but they have plenty of water here so I’m hoping we’re out danger.

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