Be unique. Be You

be unique, be you

What’s the point of following everyone’s path if it doesn’t lead to your happiness. Be unique. Be You.

16 thoughts on “Be unique. Be You

    1. Hahaha you talk to birds? Man, I’m jealous! I once fed seagulls instead of ducks at “verden’s ende” a place here in Norway (lit. The world’s end) and those gulls flocked so fast around me I was afraid they’ll land on me. Those claws are nothing like the pigeons. 😰

      I decided to use this picture because I was inspired by the book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”

  1. This applies to everything, even in life career and writing, We are a mistake of creation, and our mistakes are what makes us unique, so don’t worry about making mistakes, do what you like, be uniqueπŸ€—Have a good day Jessica πŸ€—

    1. I think it applies for almost everything we do. And to any kind of writing. But many of us, admittedly, I once did too, are afraid wouldn’t like us if we do thing our way in fear of being judge by others.

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