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    Get on up when you’re down

    Here’s another song to brighten up your Monday! 5ive was one those group that soar when boybands was at the highest, yet probably forgotten even by 90s kids. I have to admit. I never forgot 5ive because I don’t even know them to begin with 😂 But I love many of their songs like “Keep on Movin”…

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    3.2.1. Quote Me – Gratitude

    Happy Monday you all! Ribby from Popsicle Society has tagged me in this “award?”. I’m not sure what to call it, but I’ll be sharing some inspirational quote about Gratitude. Thanks Ribby! Guidelines: 3.2.1 Quote Me! Thank the Selector Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day. Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1…

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    The Blogger Recognition Award #2

    Mathew A.K.A The wolf Boy from https://blogofthewolfboy.com nominated me for this because he knows I so deserve this. Hahaha...Mathew blogs emotional and beautiful poems, short stories and Behind the Author interview (read mine here) and more interesting stuff about humanity...

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    Afraid of #13

    Jessica e larsen Guestbook

    Finally I’m done upgrading my website after so much headache. But once I hit publish, I found out that I have exactly 13 pages! I don’t really believe that any number is more lucky than others, but just because I believe in “better safe than sorry” I took precaution and create a new page. A guestbook page.…

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    Liebster Award #2

    I’m a bit of a turtle when it comes to composing awards. Hey, it’s not easy to write facts about myself you know… and this one has 11! Freaking 11! This second Liebster Award came from a charming girl over at Den of Dreams … She’s known for many names, and like to call herself Shizen, but she…

  • Music

    SB19…Who? 🤨

    It’s not Monday but I feel the need to post this. I never been a k-pop fan, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be. But I must admit, I’m happy to accidentally stumbled on this all-Filipino K-pop band. Their catchy lyrics caught me. Mabuhay! Read my translation of their song below their dance practice video (the…

  • Poem / Poetry

    Silent Scream


    It hurts. You know it hurtsWhen you’re watching comedy to forget the painWhen you’re on a brink of tearsBut you’re supposed to be laughing.When you’re laughing outside breaking inside, and can onlyscream silently at night.

  • Micro Fiction,  Teasers

    Perfectly Imperfect

    Perfectly imperfect temporary cover

    The past   Samantha was bathing with Ocean, her four year old, when Ocean pointed her breast. “Mom, why do you have boobs and not Ocean?   “Girls get it when they get older.”   “Then I will get it too?”   “You will, sweetie, when the time comes.” Samantha turn away and whispered, “I’ll make sure…

  • Podcast

    Unplanned post

    I made a mistake yesterday. I posted a music post which was meant for today. 😭 So I decided to give you something new… Actually not very new, I’ve been thinking about if for a while, just never did anything about it until now. I’ve been making voice journal, and today, I decided to be a little…