Are you afraid to die?

In respond to Ashok’s post of Life, Death and Corona I thought I’ll share my opinion here in my blog too…

I agree with the post. I love what’s written in it, except for this part which I strongly reacted at:

I believe only those are afraid to die who have never really lived. Those who truly live are never afraid of death.

As I told in the comment, different people are afraid of death for different reasons. I’m not afraid of death, I live my life to the fullest but I’m worried to die too soon…

If there’s a COVID-19 or not, you can say that in a way I fear death but why? Because I have a young son, too young to leave behind. And I’m sure there are more who thinks like me about it.

Not a young mom
32y/o me and 2 month old Orion (Jan. 2017)

Are you afraid to die? Why?

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34 thoughts on “Are you afraid to die?

  1. I’m not afraid to die, because I know that’s it’s just a step from this life to the next life which is going to be far better. I can understand your thoughts because of your son though.😁😺

    1. Yes! That’s what I think too! If the next sucks more than this life then there’s really not much point living this life. But I believe in life after death that’s why I want to enjoy this life to the fullest now before moving on haha

  2. I don’t think I really am scared of death on normal days, but when I turn on the news channel and hear about the rapid spread of the virus,I get anxiety😂😂😂I’m just not sure if I’m afraid or not…And you both are❤️❤️😘😘😘Orion is growing fast🤗

    1. True… the media keep focusing so much on the problem instead of the positive solution feeds everyone with anxiety. This is the reason why I stay from looking at news channels.

      And yes, looking back at the photos from three years back always make me realize how fast he grows. Who knows, one day I’ll day I’ll wake up and I’m a grandma, yet it feels like he was just a baby in my arms the other day 😂

  3. Let me just say your son is adorable!
    As a religious person, I do have a fear of death but not one that overwhelms me. I want to be a good enough person to have a peaceful “afterlife” (it’s not exactly an after life but that’s the simplest way to describe it IG). On the other hand, if I wasn’t religious, I would have prolly left this world already, regardless of the natural fear of the death that humans have.

    1. Thanks Nour 💓
      I’m not religious. But I believed in afterlife too. After this life will be meaningless if there’s nothing else after death.

  4. Life and death are symmetry, for me, so one should never fear them
    However, I agree with you, there are such strong forces, like your son, that can make us feel scared about leaving too soon!

    1. As I replied other feedbacks. I don’t fear death itself because I know death isn’t the end, but I want to spend more time in this life haha 😄

        1. I do. I hate what happening in the world right now, but I’m enjoying to be with my family 😁

  5. as comedian Woody Allen said “I’m not afraid to die. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

    I think I feel the same way… 🙂

          1. Oh… but no matter what, his talent as comedian is real. I can’t blame you though, we can’t help looking at the bad side of the entertainer when it gets out.

    1. 😁 Nothing can beat optimism and positivity. 😍
      Btw Drew, I hope my comments to your post aren’t ending up in the spam. Lately a lot of my comments to other’s blog winds up in the spam 🙁

  6. Yes I am 🙄 My book is still pending for editing😜 who will publish it 😵. and to my curiosity, I’m damn afraid of death, I am top curious to see lot of things, going to Mars, finding a wormhole in earth and lot more😵. Ofcourse I miss Nisha 😒. And I don’t want to leave too soon anyone… 🙄 It’s a journey and no matter what happens, let’s have fun and not think about it 😎

    1. I’m not afraid of death itself because I know this life isn’t the end but just as you, there are people I don’t want to leave and I want to do do before I die haha 😀

  7. What a statement! I don’t agree either! I’m not afraid to die, I just don’t want to become old and die, that’s it! Why? Because I enjoy my life and because I’m too curious to see what will happen with this world, I’m curious of the future 😉
    You two are so so cute 🤗💕😍

    1. Exactly. My husband said that people who live life to the fullest have more to lose and might have more regrets because they are enjoying and won’t feel to go, compared to those who don’t enjoy life.
      And thanks Ribby, the moment that photo was taken I was still unconvinced that I’m truly was a mother after 9 years of waiting and finally giving up haha

      1. Your husband is a very wise man 😉😍
        I feel the same! I enjoy my life, yes, it has ups and downs but I enjoy it and I don’t want it to be over! Who doesn’t enjoy life, yes, maybe for them there’s no different in being or not being…🤔
        You see…you’ve proved yourself to never give up! Waiting can be long but never say never 😉😍😍 and the waiting was all worth it 😉🤗💕 You have a wonderful family 💕💕

    1. I think most humans are a little. But death itself isn’t a scary thing for me because I know that this life isn’t the last stop.

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