Third Teaser’s a charm!

It’s only 7 days left of NaNoWriMo and I’m far behind but I’ll keep going. By the way, In Another Time is narrated in two POVs. 3rd and 1st POV from Leonardo. Here’s a bit from his view.

“What are you looking for?”

A way to jump back to my time. “Nothing,” I replied looking away from the ground and turn to the voice. Celestina. “Hey, Miss Hairball. Buenas días.

“You know my name,” she said barely a whisper as her eyes traveled from my head down to my feet and back to my face. Her eyes lingered a little longer on my jaws and lips. I feel my lips curving up, but it was hard to stop. Her eyes met mine. “My name is Celestina.”

My smile widened. “Okay,,” I said cutting her name in syllables as I leaned down to the level of her eyes, which isn’t much because she’s taller than Isabela who only reached up to my shoulder. Celestina’s face reddened, either with anger or frustration. Most probably both. “You need something from me?”

She clenched her fist, muttering some self-motivation about she can do it. “I’m going to the campo soon, but I want to ask if I can meet you in reservorio after work in the afternoon,” she paused and looked around in relatively empty surroundings. “I really need to speak to you. Alone.”

I inched closer while she walked back until her back was against the wall of the road down to Font Vella. “Alone? With me?

If someone comes that moment and asked what I’m doing, I, who never runs out of words wouldn’t be able to answer. I have no idea what I’m doing. I shouldn’t get too deeply involved with people from the village. It was bad enough that I carelessly let Isabela know about the truth, which changes god knows what in the future. I can’t take another risk by hitting on her future best friend. But it was too hard to hold back.

I grew up seeing and hearing about Celestina. She was like a mysterious myth to me. A girl I’ve been crushing on ever since I can remember up until I got my first girlfriend when I was seventeen. However, no matter how many relationships I end up with later, Celestina has always been at the back of my mind.

This mystery is now in front of me. Within my reach. I lift my hand and took a handful of curls from the side of her cheek. She let out an audible gasped as I let it slip through my fingers. It was soft and addicting. I was about to grab another handful of hair when the spell got broken by Isabela’s gentle voice.

“Leonardo, are you here?”

Celestina lay both hands on my chest and pushed me. “I’ll see you in the reservorio!” she said and ran off, leaving me with the question ‘what time?’ stuck in my throat.

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15 thoughts on “Third Teaser’s a charm!

  1. Arghhh 😍😍😍😍 Loving this Jessica, You make great teasers ✨👏Ever Told you 🤔 You are a super talented author 🤓 You won, you wanted me to read this book? Yes I’m in 😁 Publish it asap 😎

    1. Oh my goodness Simon, your comment just made the night better! I’m losing NaNo but you brought the smile back to my face. Sorry (not sorry) for throwing so many teaser at you haha 😀 I’ll remember to inform you when it’s out 🥰

      1. You are losing what 😳😳 Don’t lose it, it’s in your hands and your fingers do wonders . 😁 Let us know once it is done 😀

        1. I’m done writing the scene, unfortunately the almost hot spice turned into a broken hand 😂

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