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Jessica Larsen, Jessica E. Larsen

-The “formal” version-

Jessica is a romance author writing in different sub-genres. She writes in both English and Filipino(Taglish) language.

She’s a hopeless romantic, who will forever be young at heart. She enjoys traveling and hours arguing with her characters, and sometimes, she also takes pleasure in playing the villain and give them a taste of hell when they refused to listen to her outrageous demands.

Jessica currently lives in Spain near the Mediterranean coast with her loving husband and adorable son.

-The “informal” version- 

I’m actually shy in person, so right now I’m trying really hard to remember what more to tell about myself.  Writing about others (e.i my fiction characters) is way easier than talking about myself so please bear with me.


Since I’m a writer, I’ll start talking about what I write. You already know that I write Contemporary Romance, Young Adult, New-Adult and Paranormal stories. So far most of my publish books falls under Contemporary Romance/New-adult. I brand it as NA because the heroines are usually just starting out, between 18 up to 25 years old, and the heroes 19 and up.

I don’t have a large collection of books yet and “Someone to Care” and “Jenci’s Trouble” is the only YA genre I have for now. Most of the paranormal stories I’ve written isn’t out yet. The first paranormal story I published is Changing the Past, it’s a time-travel short story from Chicago 1972. My next paranormal story is Making him Fall. This novella was released August 2016 and the first book under Moon Islands series.​

-Romantic pairing-

I have stories waiting to be released where the man is younger than the woman, but the men in most of my books are older by at least a year. I’m not saying that something is wrong with younger men for “older” women. It’s just that I like to them to be more mature than the girls, and let’s be honest, most of the girls mature faster than the boys. ^_^


As mention above, I’m not hundred percent sure what my characters are thinking. Sure, you can say that I’m the one who created them, but that’s as far as I go. Most of the time, once I start writing, the character starts taking a life of their own. I even experience to find myself unable to keep writing because my main character is falling for the wrong love interest, not the one I intended for her. Until now that book is on hiatus, yeah, I’m still struggling to find a way to turn the tide around because I really want her with the other hero. She seemed stubborn, though.

-Book Series-

​As I mention in my series pages. “All the stories in the series are intertwining with the first or the next book but also stand on its own with no cliffhanger.” But I do recommend readers to start with Book One , if possible.

-More About Me- 

-I was born in the Philippines in December 1984. I moved to Spain when I was 18 and still haven’t learned Spanish as much as I should.

-​I’ve been married for more than a decade to a very loving Norwegian guy. I learned his language first which is probably why my Spanish sucks!

-I’ve taken an interest in English ever since a helicopter landed in the yard of my kindergarten school when I was four, and two Americans gave me a tour around my hometown from above. Desperately wanting to understand them, those strange white men with beautiful blue eyes and colored hair, I read every English book I could get my hands on, even though I understood nothing about them.

-Thing I Love-

-I love writing and reading books. I read anything from herbal books, memoirs and fictions. When it comes to fiction, I especially enjoy rom-com, Young Adult and New adult that doesn’t revolve around sex.

-I also find great satisfaction reading Paranormal stories, not much about vampires though. There are so many vampire stories around. Oh, but I adore Hotel Transylvania, just because the vampire finds human blood disgusting and well, I love the story.

-My favorite book series is probably Harry Potter, but I didn’t read book 7. I stopped reading it a few pages after Hedwig’s death. I hate how he was gone just like that. I don’t know if I’ll ever pick up the book again. In my heart, I want him to stay alive.

-I’m also into Japanese manga and anime. Mostly shounen and seinen demographic. I prefer Josei over shoujo. Shoujo used to be my favorite when I started reading manga, but I don’t know; there are just too many things that annoy me about it in the last couple of years. I still read shoujo from time to time. Probably, finding a new favorite 1 out of 100.

-I love traveling! I’ve been driving with my husband up and down in Europe for many years, and one day I hope to reach even more places. Visiting beautiful beaches, mountains, old cities, historical places, even caves; they all inspired me. As shy as I am, I still like meeting new people because after a few minutes, that shyness will fade and I’ll be talking like we have known each other since childhood.

-And cats! I love cats. However, after tragically losing my beloved cat (only three years old), I’m sure that I’ll never have another one in my home.


–  Writing. Sure writing is a career for me and I dream of one day living with just writing, but it’s also my biggest hobby. Second. Reading. Yeah, you know that already.

– I also enjoy creating digital arts and take pictures.

– Sewing. Yes, I love sewing too! I don’t follow trends much and I love sewing my own clothes.

– Making desserts.

– Watching old films. And by old, I don’t only black and white. Movies from 2000 down to ’80s. Back to the Future is one of my favorites.

– Listening to music. Most of my favorite music is from the mid-’60s up to the ’90s. Click here if you want to see/hear my playlist on Youtube. I don’t have a vast collection yet but I try to keep updated.

– Playing guitar. I have an electric guitar gathering dust in the corner of our living room. I haven’t touched it much ever since I started writing. I don’t think I’ll ever get better at playing it.

Did I miss anything? Want to know more? Get in touch! I might be late to respond at times, but I’ll always take the time to reply to comments and messages.

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