A writer’s struggle

Often I will search for info about sickness or recipes for my book or blog post…before I know it, it’s 2 hours later and I’m half-way done watching a 1/2 hour movie about cats or something that have nothing to do with what I started searching. Sigh. Yeah I’m a hopeless case 😥

Tonight, I once again rewatch the video that still makes me cry with laughter. But to be clear it’s actually both sad and funny 😅

Poor guy…

Wishing you all a fun Friday 😘

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28 thoughts on “A writer’s struggle

    1. So true. I feel bad for him and the victims but no matter how many times I see it, I still get tears from laughter.

  1. ha ha ha, I should not laugh, but I can’t stop it when he started 😂😂 it’s sad to fear their stories and emotional, sadly he laughed, not fair 😵. but enjoyed his laugh 🤪😂. Have a beautiful day ✨🎉

    1. Yep it’s truly sad and tragic situation but I do get that it’s hard when you start laughing. He did deeply regret it haha

    1. It’s a story that involves a French maid. She wanted to make a French onion soup for someone… I knew nothing of the process so I search haha 😄
      Have a great weekend dear Ribby 🤗🤗🤗

      1. Cooking and romance go hand in hand 💕😉
        I don’t like onion soup but I’m sure the story will be wonderfully romantic and even the onion soup will have its fashion 😉💕

        1. Hahaha yep there’s something romantic about cooking together. 😁
          But that onion soup got burnt in the story 😄

          1. You’re funny. You makes it sound like a who needs punishment 😂
            I only tasted it once because my husband keep babbling about it whenever we drive through France. It’s one of his favorite. I’m fine with it, but wouldn’t really call it my favorite. The cheese and the bread floating at the top is a bit… ehem… weird.

          2. Wah, I found a unique person right here! 😍 many people I encounter cringes when I said we love raw onion because they always wanted it cook or fried. You’re the first one I know who want just raw ones 😁
            My husband also said you’re special 😄
            Have a great day dear Ribby 🤗🤗🤗

          3. Hahaha…of course I’m unique 😼 (my modesty is speaking 🤣)…
            From when I was little I loved the raw onion and garlic and hated both of them cooked or fried 😁
            Hopefully one day we can enjoy some raw onion all together 😝

          4. I love to enjoy raw onions with dear Ribby… but sadly I’ll say no thanks to raw garlic… it’s too strong for me to handle 😢

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