A joke

I told him I love you then laugh it off like a joke. 

He said I love you too and my heart broke because it was a joke.

Thanks for reading. ❤️ Hope you liked it!

I won’t be posting anything the next 3-4 days because I’ve been missing so much blog post I’d like to read and my bookmark is long. So next post will be around Tuesday!

15 thoughts on “A joke

    1. Yes, that’s so true. 😃 I even have yet to read one of your poems (they look interesting btw) that’s why I’m putting this weekend as reading time.

    1. Thanks Hug. ❤️ I got inspired by just friends trope.

      And don’t feel 😕 I may finally get to read further back in some of your post as long you don’t add more interesting content in the meantime because I’ll take that first. 😄

      1. I felt 😕 from the ending of your lines 😊
        You mean you want to read old posts? 🤔 not so much except these awards 😕 Game of thrones now and weekend is not so convenient for blogging
        What you would love to read which subjects? I will share links with you

        1. I can’t read about GOT yet but I’m not accepting recommendations. I’ll browse your blog later then you’ll know what I like to read. Hehehe 😀

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