A great day

Time goes by quickly. It’s amazing to think that it’s been four years since I first held his little body in my arms…

Orion is your name

A treasure like no other
That’s what you are
I waited almost a decade
Just to hold you in my arms

Your tiny hands so fragile
Yet so powerful it gives me strength
One of my foot was on my grave
But your birth was all worth it

Orion that’s your name
The winter stars that shine the sky
Bright and visible like no other
Dominating my heart like no one had done

Oh you sure took your time
Waiting until I’m past 30
I almost gave up, So know 
I’m beyond happy to be your mom

a mother's poem
Taken November 4 2019

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35 thoughts on “A great day

    1. Thank you ❤️ and agree about blinking. Although it seems like the days seem endless at the time, looking back now feels as if it was only yesterday when he was blowing bubbles from his lips haha 😀

    1. Thank you ❤️ It’s been my wish before I get married that I’ll name my son after the constellation since I have 3 moles across my face that forms the Orion’s belt haha 😄

        1. I married a hobby scientist so it was an expected result. Hehe 😀
          We’re not Filipino without at least 1 mole 😂

  1. Turned 4 😍 Happy Happy Birthday Orion, I’m sorry I am late to comment. That was a lovely poem from your Mom😍🤗 😍 Hope you had a blast of fun, stay blessed Orion 💐 Virtual Hugs to you little Orion ✨🤗😍

    1. Thank you for all the sweet words Simon <3 Sorry for the late reply too. I got too many notifications and this one vanished. Saw it only because I visited the post.

  2. Happy Birthday Orion 🎂 🤩💕
    He’s really your Mini Me 😍
    Beautiful words full of love and tender 🤗💕
    May you all have a wonderful and happy life together! 💕💕🌸🌸

    1. Thank you so much dear Ribby, I do love him a lot 💘 even when he end makes me want to cry of frustration at times at the end of the day, he still make a terrible day better.
      Each time you mention how he is a mini-me I end up staring at pictures just to compare 😂

      1. I think is not always easy and he’s driving you nuts sometimes but in the end as you say, he knows how to make you feel better 😉💕
        Oh yes, more he grows and I see him more like you 😉🤩😍

    1. Thank you so much. And wow, the same age, yeah they grew up so quick. He sometimes surprises me with little things I didn’t think he would know haha 😀

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