A beautiful life

This is the most vague poem I ever wrote, because even I felt like my head was in the cloud while writing it. So please judge it for me, and what story you get from reading it.

In neighborhoods where you see everything 
You’re bound to notice something
Things you wish to unsee, 
But I see her.

Each day she criesΒ 
Each night she dances under the moonlightΒ 
Her lonely shadow squeeze my heart
But her smile hid all the pain inside

If only I can reach her
If only I can hold her hand
If only I can embrace her
If only I can show her

It’s a beautiful life out here
But if only wasn’t too late
Yet no matter how I wish it
I am too late…

19 thoughts on “A beautiful life

  1. I think it’s about watching a stranger and knowing they’re too far gone. And you can’t do anything about it because you’re strangers in the end.

  2. Sad but beautiful at the same time! I always told you you have a romantic soul πŸ’•
    Sometimes we can’t ignore love even if we want to…our heart cannot be controlled but unfortunately can be heartbreaking πŸ’”

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