Hi! I'm Jessica, a Filipina writer based in Spain. A wife, a mom, and many things in between.My books are in Tagalog/Taglish.
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What's the most common tropes in my books?

In my books, you'll find diverse themes like interracial romance, the classic "opposites attract," and a dash of love triangles, complemented by cheerful and vibrant characters. Unlike Jessie Winterspring, most of my stories don't have paranormal or time travel elements, and don't forget, they're all written in Tagalog/Taglish. :)

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On my blog, I share my book-writing updates, short stories, and poems. Oh, I also post about movies and music (especially from the '50s to the '90s), book reviews, and everyday life musings. If any of this sounds good to you, swing by and take a look!


About Me

If only I’ve known before I started publishing the importance of unique names, I would have come up with a better pen name. But no, I chose Jessica E. Larsen, and now I’m stuck with it.That's why, as of May 2021, I actively socialize as Jessie Winterspring, the name I'm now using when publishing my future books in English. They're mostly time travel romance, the first novel (which is also the very first idea I ever had for a book back in 2006) is schedule for release in October 2024.I’m published 9 books so far and several short stories, both in retail stores and for free. Some of my books are now unpublished (revising in progress) and many of the short stories are self-edited drafts posted on my blog.I live near the Mediterranean coast with my loving husband and adorable son. I love watching the ocean and scheme how to torment annoying goody-two-shoes or straight out murder bitchy exes.

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Intertwining but standalone stories of Filipina women and their Fairy-Fail adventures in France.To view all books in the series...

Minahal ni Neena si Yuusuke noong teenagers pa lamang sila, ngunit sobra siyang nasaktan sa bigla nitong pagkawala. After eleven years, he's back as her boss and she's more than willing to welcome him with a punch.

A French Fairyfail series

Intertwining but standalone stories of Filipina women and their Fairy-Fail adventures in France.

All five stories have interracial couples.

Tumungong France si Liberty sa hangaring mahanap doon ang prinsipeng pinapangarap. Ang kaso naroon si Xander ang tatayong "evil stepmother" niya.

Ambisyon ni Pamela ang makahanap ng mayamang mapapangasawa, pero paano iyong matutupad kung may isang charismatic na taxi driver ang palaging sumisira sa mga plano niya?

Matagal nang pinangarap ni Sandra na mahalin ni Léonce, pero imbes na luminaw kung saan siya nakalugar sa buhay nito, lalo iyong lumabo sa pagdating ni Dawn at Ryder sa buhay nila. The worse thing is, Ryder always seem to know what to do to make her heart confuse.

Wala sa plano ni Mayumi ang humanap ng love life pero nagbago ang lahat nang magkita silang muli ni Léonce. Nagpasya siya na dahil masyado itong hesitant, siya na lang ang manliligaw, because he’s a broken man that she wants to piece together.

Dawn Paulino has never been in love. Masyado siyang obsessed sa fictional characters para mapansin ang mga nagagandahang lalaki na nakapaligid sa kanya. Then Saul comes in. Saul is an ex-model, happy-go-lucky, now jack-of-all-trade. He told her he would make her fall for him, and she knew she won’t.

This is the collector edition of all A French FairyFail stories.