99 words prompt

July 16, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that expresses the phrase, “scream inside your heart.” Who is involved and why is the scream contained? Go where the prompt leads!

Heartless Sons

The first time the government implemented lockdown, I thought this will be over soon. But many months later we’re still stuck at home. Worse, we receive news that Reyna, the loving mother, grandma, and mother-in-law passed away in her sleep.

As we’re in another country, her other heartless sons buried her in silence. My four-year-old son looked between me and his father. He went to his father who collapsed on his knees. “Papa, what’s wrong?” he asked wrapping his arms around his father’s neck. I joined them, screaming in my heart. She doesn’t deserve to be sent away alone.

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24 thoughts on “99 words prompt

    1. You’re so precious Madhuri ❤ your gentle heart always shows in your comments. Thank you ☺

        1. Haha 😄 Everyone has up and down.
          When I encountered people and tell them that when I lost my temper, it can practically burn the house down, they just look me up and down in disbelief 😂

  1. A sad tale for the times. Imagine the impact of these days on the ones young enough to just be forming their memories. Thank you for joining us at Carrot Ranch!

    1. That’s true… their early memories are all related to lock down and restrictions 😔
      And I love your site. It was truly a challenge to keep it at exact 99 words haha 😄

    1. It’s half truth haha 😑💔 “Reyna” would have been buried in silent (no friends or relatives knowledge) just funeral home employees if it were up to her first two sons. The youngest fought to make it happen so that friends and family can at least attend the burial. What’s worse is that those two sons made it seem to everyone as if the whole reasons we’re at the burial was their idea, hardwork and love… they make me sick. 😒

      1. Even in this kind of situations people try to take advantage? Sick people 😖😖
        I’m just sorry for the people that cared 💕💕 is always difficult 😢🥺

        1. Thanks Ribby 💗 because that youngest son owns my heart 😔 shh 🤫 I’m sure they’re reading my blog but at this point I’m so pissed I don’t care.

    1. Thanks again. Sorry I just notice this now because your comment went to my spam box 🙁

      1. Yes ! Happens with me also. Some of my comments move to the spam box and its so frustrating. That is why I keep checking my spam box also, you should do the same.
        Keep writing 💖

        1. Yeah… it is frustrating. Especially after reading the blog post and constructing a feedback just for it to disappear in the spam 🙁

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