12-words story #002

You are a headache I enjoy to be with, you complete me.

Art found from Pinterest

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Author: Jessica E. Larsen

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18 thoughts on “12-words story #002

    1. Thank you so much Tushara, 🥰
      By the way I decided to call you on your first name because as much as I like Olivia, I search your name and saw some pretty meaning behind it 😁

      1. Oh that’s great and so sweet of you dear Jenny.🥰🤩❤️ And by the way do you like to be called Jenny or is there some more comfortable pretty name for you that you prefer to be called by?

    1. I know! Migraines are the worse. When it attacks I’m going around with the pain for three who days 😭
      But the headache in this one is one which a person in can’t live without 😄

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