12-words story #003

His eyes

His eyes are like the wind, unseen, yet feeling it caressing me.

Art copyright © Crystal Rain http://fav.me/dcrszpp

Copyright © 07/14/20 All rights reserved.

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17 thoughts on “12-words story #003

    1. Thanks Jim! 😍
      I didn’t see this comment before now because it went to my spam! Some of my comments to other bloggers are going to spam too. This is pissing me off. 😠

    1. Yep. My type… joke! 😂
      Thanks for the feedback Simon. Always appreciate it.

    1. Isn’t it? I practically begged the artist to give me permission to use it for this short story. 😄 This one time I feel like I’m cheating on my husband (emotionally) … then feel like a fool for drooling in an animated man 😂 click the artist link… the full picture is even more beautiful 😍🤭

        1. Hehehehe 😁 If he popped out of the screen though, I think I’ll ran to my husband’s arm 😂

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