12-words story #001

I don’t like posting more than once a day, but after seeing an infuriating video of a father hurting his baby girl in a tiktok video, reporting him isn’t enough.

I have to share this 12-word story for that asshole and every assholes out there who thinks they can do whatever they want even just because they’re the parents.

This one is for you assholes! πŸ–•

Don’t call yourself my father because you’re nothing but a sperm donor.

22 thoughts on “12-words story #001

  1. This is so outrageous. Parents should understand the responsibility of being a parent. Abusive parents can destroy a child’s life forever. They don’t deserve a child that’s it.

  2. That’s disheartening!! Who is that AH anyway? Share it to my link, I’ll also report to my satisfaction.πŸ˜’. Powerful words Jessica, powerful short tale. πŸ’

    1. Thanks Simon. ❀
      If only every person got a compassionate heart as you and everyone here. The world would be a step closer to paradise.
      I tried looking for the link but I couldn’t see it. I think Tiktok has temporarily blocked the video because of my report. I got a private message saying they’re investigating it.

      1. People have gone crazy, for likes they are now hurting human and animals and capturing that and uploading πŸ™„ can’t understand these community. There is good people helping for self development in Tiktok too, hardly 1% of Tiktok population follows them πŸ˜’. I hope the police officers will take action on that fool!

  3. This is disheartening…How dare they to put it out there on social media not caring about any repercussions…Such idiots don’t deserve to be called humans…

    1. Yes, so many cruelty is happening around the world but I think the most unbearable are those than to the innocent and fragile beings incapable of defending themselves ☹

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