12-words story #001

I don’t like posting more than once a day, but after seeing an infuriating video of a father hurting his baby girl in a tiktok video, reporting him isn’t enough.

I have to share this 12-word story for that asshole and every assholes out there who thinks they can do whatever they want even just because they’re the parents.

This one is for you assholes! 🖕

Don’t call yourself my father because you’re nothing but a sperm donor.

Author: Jessica E. Larsen

I'm a romance author and I blog music inspired stories, poems, micro-fictions, moments in life. I enjoy spending time outdoors, adore animals and travels a lot with my family. I like anything unusual and fun. CLICK HERE to read more about me or CLICK HERE to view my published books

22 thoughts on “12-words story #001

  1. This is so outrageous. Parents should understand the responsibility of being a parent. Abusive parents can destroy a child’s life forever. They don’t deserve a child that’s it.

  2. That’s disheartening!! Who is that AH anyway? Share it to my link, I’ll also report to my satisfaction.😒. Powerful words Jessica, powerful short tale. 💐

    1. Thanks Simon. ❤
      If only every person got a compassionate heart as you and everyone here. The world would be a step closer to paradise.
      I tried looking for the link but I couldn’t see it. I think Tiktok has temporarily blocked the video because of my report. I got a private message saying they’re investigating it.

      1. People have gone crazy, for likes they are now hurting human and animals and capturing that and uploading 🙄 can’t understand these community. There is good people helping for self development in Tiktok too, hardly 1% of Tiktok population follows them 😒. I hope the police officers will take action on that fool!

    1. Yes, so many cruelty is happening around the world but I think the most unbearable are those than to the innocent and fragile beings incapable of defending themselves ☹

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