Hey, I’m Jessica E. Larsen. A Filipina writer based in Spain. I’m currently an author of 9 books, 5 in Tagalog and 4 in English. As of May 2021, I actively socialize as Jessie Winterspring, the name I’ll be using when publishing my future books in English.

Several of my short stories free in online retail stores. Most of the self-edited drafts are posted here in my blog and other writing platforms like Reedsy and Wattpad. 

I live near the Mediterranean coast with my loving husband and adorable son. I love watching the ocean and scheme how to torment annoying goody-two-shoes or straight out murder bitchy exes.

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Celebrating 20 years!

Life musing
I've never been impressed with church weddings. My dream back when I started thinking about love was a garden wedding. I won't be wearing a white gown with a veil to hide my face, because I was sure I won't be a virgin bride. Oh, how wrong I was. I never fell in love with...
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News and goodbye

News and goodbye

I love blogging. It's the first social media I fell in love with. But I can't keep blogging regularly anymore. I will occasionally still drop by and read blogs, only at a minimum. For those who observed it, I haven't been here for more than a month and the thought of leaving for good is...
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I’m back! Kind off 😒

I’m back! Kind off 😒

Blogging Vblog
I feel like I've been in a very strange dream lately. To ward off this stupid air, I chop my long hair, a good 20cm off, for the first time in 21 years. The last time I had it short was when I was 15 😁 https://youtu.be/d315FNzkX5k Will read blogs again starting next week. 😃...
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wolf mountain

Wolf Mountain

With a backpack on my back, containing basic necessities and a sleeping bag, I made my way up the mountain. The sound of snow beneath my boots gave me the boost of strength to go on. It was cold but my cheeks was damp with sweat and my long hair uncomfortably clung to my skin. My mom’s words three years ago rang in my ears. “A young twenty-year-old girl like you should stop hiking by herself,” she said in which I replied...

Under the Mask

Anywhere he goes, people step aside. Parting like an ocean giving way to the king. Except he’s not treated with kindness. Because he’s always covered in cut and bruises. “They should put that delinquent to jail,” said one of the women to her friend. “Yes, he give this neighborhood...

Beneath the spring flower

Beneath the Spring Flowers

Springtime is when flowers bloom. And every year I will be one of the people who eagerly wait for trees to blossom, but unlike everyone, I’m not waiting for warm weather. I’m waiting to see her. She that only appears with the delicate array of papery pink blossoms of the trees. Today she stood in the arch bridge that perfectly reflected in the water, I ignored the fact that she isn’t in it. My focus is on her, to her enchanting presence that makes everything else fade. “This year I’ll...

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