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    The Here and Now

    “It’s easier to be a leader than being in charge. ” nice! This beautiful cover and the blurb hooked me the moment I laid my eyes on it. Much like Ethan falling head over heels for Prenna from the first second he saw her completely naked in front of him. This might sound wrong but I love how annoying the…

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    New Beginnings

    Make your heart bleed!
    Put your soul into that damn thing.
    And try new things.

    Dimebag Darrell

    So here I am, on a new journey of my writing. I’ve been more active again with blogging after years of wandering around without direction, sadly, my writing is still suffering. But then I remember the old blog created 8 years ago. I haven’t really used it and simply let it collect dust at the corner of the internet. I…

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    Let music speak

    One of my most favorite way to relax is listening to instrumental music. No vocals, no singing, just instruments. Sometimes words are not needed to hear the music speaks to you.

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    When in France

    Véritable andouillette… sounds nice? If you ever encounter this in any French menu, I suggest you to stay away from it, unless you know what it means or what this food is. Some for sure have this as their favorite and god, I was excited when I pointed it to the waiter. If you’re one of my Instagram followers you’re…

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    I lived!

    Okay maybe I’m exaggerating, but Mushu’s first line in Mulan was the first thing that popped in my head when I thought of what title to give this post. I did not feel like dying, but these last week, right after arriving in Spain from a week-long roadtrip, felt like hell. I caught flu and my husband is unable to…

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    Looking Back

    jessica larsen

    This may not be the most romantic post for valentines, but I want to talk about The Gambler by Kenny Rogers. This song was released in 1979. Five years before I was born but I loved it from the first time I heard it when I was around six years old. I clearly remember what I was doing when this…

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    Valentines is for romance

    It’s only four days to Valentines. And for most people who are staying at home, either having a candlelight dinner or fun family celebration, when the night sinks in it’s time for the adults to have fun. And that includes movie. I recommend Music and Lyrics. BLURB: A washed up singer is given a couple days to compose a chart-topping…

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    Cinderella Story

    Sometimes I wonder if I have a split personality. Out of all fairytale stories I read when I was growing up I hated Cinderella the most. Why? Well because I cannot relate to her. I don’t understand why she accepts to go through the situation she was in. I used to say whenever some girls dream about being Cinderella that…

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    It’s a question of perspective

    Jessica E Larsen - Jessica Larsen

    A friend stepped inside the house. My husband asked him, “How’s the weather?” Our friend replied, “Snow is filling up. It’s plain evil.” My husband stepped out to clean the snow out the car. 20 minutes later he went back in covered in snow and wearing a frown. “He’s right! This is the devil’s doing.” I step outside with our…