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Post by mistake

When your scheduled post messed up and it’s too late to change it because people already started liking and commenting, what’s your reaction? Mine? Cuddle…

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News! New web icon 🤭

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Third Teaser’s a charm!

It’s only 7 days left of NaNoWriMo and I’m far behind but I’ll keep going. By the way, In Another Time is narrated in two…

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silent sunday poem
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Silent Sunday

When I’m with you,
I get lost in the moment every time
You may not know it but
As we say goodbye I count the hours
Wishing for the time I can be with you again

Waiting for you to say you feel the same
Feels like forever.
I’m not a patient person and that Sunday…

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Never give up!

I first shared this post last year, but I feel like when new problematic issues going around I’m sure there are people out there are…

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Another Teaser

More NaNoWriMo update! Today I’m here to share another tidbit of this time travel romance story. In Another Time. “Wait, abuela!” Leonardo said. He raise…

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When love walked in

For the first time, I decided to collect a Youtube playlist for a novel I’m currently writing “In Another Time” And one of these songs…

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99 words prompt #3

“Who want avocado?” I asked one day.
My husband smiled. I already expected it when he joked, “Ah that tasteless fruit?”
I used to have friendly banter with him about it. Avocado is one of my favorite fruits. I won’t let anyone make fun of it. However, today I only made a face…

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just like heaven movie review
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Just Like Heaven

Love will bring you back. The power of love is strong in this movie folks. Seriously my stomach hurts from laughing but my heart is…

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Nanowrimo 2020
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Live like hell

I search my name today. Admit it, I bet you did it too, at least once? Nothing new comes up but I encountered a quote…

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In Another Time Teaser

It’s been one week since National Writing Month started. It’s fun, but I’m also feeling the heat. Damn hard to manage my blog, deal with…

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Time heals, they say. It’s true, but some pain leaves a huge scar that hurts each time I see it. I’ve done so many things…

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