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Hey, I’m Jessica E. Larsen. A Filipina writer based in Spain.

I’m currently an author of 9 books and several short stories, both in retail stores and for free. Most of them are self-edited drafts posted in my blog.

I live near the Mediterranean coast with my loving husband and adorable son, where I gazed to the ocean and scheme how to torment annoying goody-two-shoes or straight out murder bitchy exes.

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    Often I will search for info about sickness or recipes for my book or blog post…before I know it, it’s 2 hours later and I’m half-way done watching a 1/2 hour movie about cats or something that have nothing to do with what I [Read more]
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    He got the brightest smile, but I see the shadow behind it. Copyright © All rights reserved. Follow Jessica E. Larsen on [Read more]
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