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    Beneath the Spring Flowers

    Springtime is when flowers bloom. And every year I will be one of the people who eagerly wait for trees to blossom, but unlike everyone, I’m not waiting for warm weather. I’m waiting to see her. She that only appears with the delicate array of papery pink blossoms of the trees. Today she stood in the arch bridge that perfectly…

  • Music

    Much Racket about #BTS (Part 2)

    As I mentioned in my previous post about the BTS, I have no interest in their songs. It’s not my cup of tea. And also because they are like a modern version of the boy bands from the ’90s. In my opinion, for the current standard, BTS is great. But if they were back in the ’90s I don’t think…

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    Tell Me

    Tell me If I’m wrong I’m sureYou’re my the one I feel fuzzyWhen I thinkAbout you I feel completeWhen I’m with you Tell me howCan I be wrong? I’m in cloud nineWhen I seeYour smile Just one wordFrom youAnd I’ll fly Whisper loveAnd I’m in heavenFor sure Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the week!

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    Okay, let’s do this!

    Lately, I’ve been feeling burned out and missing something important then I realized. I haven’t completed as many books as I want. I’m a bookworm and I can’t survive without books! It’s my nutrition! That’s why the last days I haven’t been as active as usual because I used almost all of my free time to read and refresh myself.…

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    Time heals, they say. It’s true, but some pain leaves a huge scar that hurts each time I see it. I’ve done so many things I regret in my life, a couple which involves death. It kills me each time I think that I can never go back and say “Hey, I’m truly sorry for all the horrible things I’ve…

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    What makes poems special

    After reading this poem book review in Bookbed of How to Make a Salagubang Helicopter & Other Poems’ by Jim Pascual Agustin. I decided to post my view here (also posted as a comment in the original page) based on what the review wrote: It’s always tricky to read poetry, more so to read it for the sake of reviewing…

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    2-N-1 award post

    I called this post “2-in-1” because I’m breaking boundaries here. I received two nominations for Sunshine Blogger Award at the end of the month (April 30) and they were just hours apart! My reaction was… and then it hit me how much work it will take to get these two post ready but after some breathing to calm down I…

  • Micro Fiction

    The “L” for you and me

    "L is the letter I can't live without," you told me that warm summer evening. You tucked my wavy hair behind my ears. "Because L is for Lucia," you went on looking at me with so much passion I felt my heart melt, my knees weak and all my senses awaken. "It's for lucky, like, love..." you brushed your lips…